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Oh, hello, FIXED BLOG!!! After weeks, maybe even months of this thing running off the side, it is fixed! And all it took was the following:

” Please,
please, please! Do something about the templates on Quick Blog.It looks
horrible- the words are all overlapping into the side border where they
should not be. I have changed templates. I have changed colors, I have
changed pictures, everything. Please do not tell me that it is Firefox-
that’s what you said last time. It is NOT Firefox- it is how YOU have
set things up. I have e-mailed a web designer friend. I realize that
you have to pay someone to do that and everything, but I have only
become more and more unhappy with your service over the last few
months, and I will be moving my blog elsewhere in just a few months.
Thank you for not answering all of my questions just a few days ago, it
was really helpful! “

Aren’t I a SWEETHEART?! So polite! BUT! I finally got them to DO something!

Dear Sir/Madam,

advanced technical support has researched your blog account. Firefox
does not cut connected words like Internet Explorer does. This means
that-words-connected-by-hyphens can cause a page to render incorrectly
in Firefox. Your blog has been updated so that it is displaying
correctly. Please let us know if there is anything further we can
assist you with. “

So that also explains why my entry about Hali’s haircut was republished. That was the entry they are talking about in their smug little way, I am sure.
Unfortunately, the e-mail that I sent them on the 10th is still left largely unanswered, as I smarmily referred to in that e-mail.

Notice my referral to my “web designer friend” that sounds pretty lame? Well, that is because I am lame. This friend was kind enough to e-mail me because I rant all throughout her comments and go on and on as if I am writing an entry there and I whined lots. That, and she more than likely thinks I am crazy (which I am) because if she reads this she will be slightly worried that I have made her my friend.

We used to live in the same state, we are both LDS, bloggers, moms, and that’s about it. She is smart and funny and thin and, like, DOES stuff.  I wouldn’t use any of those words to describe myself. Unless you mix it up and say that I am running THIN in the FUNNY department and that I DO FUNNY STUFF.

So, sorry Mrs. Kerflop for all that. Please don’t block me! I really am not a stalker, as much as it seems so! I really love reading your blog! Sorry for sounding so lame, I am sure you are embarrassed for all Idahoans and LDS now that they too are associated with me.

Oh, and I am totally not looking for reassurances or anything here. Just whinning. And complaining. It’s what I do best.

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