Easter 2007 Extravaganza

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The first couple of hours of Easter were GREAT! It was pretty much downhill after that.

We didn’t even drag our sorry butts out of bed until after ten. Yes- that’s ten in the morning.  We had been up late the night before, which was not a good thing. 

The MIL decided to invite herself over to color Easter eggs the night before Easter. Oh yes, she did.  When she called to do so, I even said, and I quote “oh, well, we weren’t really planning on making a big deal of it, we were just going to do a few eggs one afternoon while Jeremy is at work or something… but if you wanna come over…”

I would say that she wanted to come over and watch Hali dye eggs, but that would be a lie.  She wanted to come over and dye a ton of eggs. Herself. And maybe let Hali do part of a few of them. 

I have, at this very moment, Easter eggs dyed by my MIL in my refrigerator (which is a new one, stainless steel and I am super excited about having cold food that doesn’t go bad now!). She left me a few of the ones that MY DAUGHTER did, though, so its all peachy.  The woman came over and took over.  She put the eggs in the dye and despite my daughter’s screams continued to have Hali observe as she “showed” her how to do everything.  It drove me NUTS! I just wanted for Hali to you know, enjoy her first time coloring eggs.  Get her hands in! Ugh, oh, and don’t worry, as bored as you are of me complaining about my MIL, I am even more so.  And we haven’t even made it to Easter Day yet!

Hali was fabulous. I will put some pics up on Flickr soon.  She found those eggs like a pro. She announced what color egg she had found in both English and Spanish.  She gobbled up insane amounts of chocolate and even now I cannot understand why she didn’t throw up.  Unfortunately it was in the forties and rainy!!! and the Easter Bunny was forced to hid eggs inside.

After we basked in the glory that is our only child enjoying her Easter, reality kicked in, and I remembered that I had potatoes to cook and mash and a rocky road fudge pie to make.  Oh, and you know, get out of my pajamas.

I started stressing there and never really stopped.  I got it all done.  The potatoes were lumpy and the pie a little too gooey (read: I didn’t let the brownie part cook long enough) but apparently I looked dang good, because right after we arrived at the in-laws, one of Jeremy’s uncles said I looked good, really pretty, and asked if I had lost weight! Flabbergasted and blushing, I stuttered “no, been putting it on, but THANKS!” I NEVER get complimented (about my appearance), so I was feelin’ pretty dang good about myself.  It’s amazing how little it takes to make me happy…

After dinner family members began to indulge in my pie.  The compliments were so numerous and so profuse, it was almost embarrassing. Almost.  Jeremy was proud, I could tell. After some of the family left we hung out for a bit.  Discussion amongst Jeremy’s sister and mom got a little uncomfortable so we gladly left.  Without my leftover pie.  Jeremy thinks that she hid it when we were loading up our stuff.  Heh.  He went over after work and picked it up.  She didn’t seem happy about it.


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