Would You Like Some Cheese With That Whine?

April 19, 2007 at 4:49 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Seems like all I do here is whine and complain. Poor me.  Waaah.  Don’t worry, I am tired of it too, and now that I have spent the last few weeks scaring off all three readers, I believe I can stop for a little while.  Unless something traumatic happens, like my tanning foam lotion stuff that hardly did a dang thing to my pasty fat legs.  Which I just discovered after I have been wearing it all day to let it soak in.  You know, it’s stuff like this that sends you to the therapist and blaming it on your parents.

Course, I’m not supposed to complain about my body, I should love it no matter what size it is, right? Uh huh.  Well that just ain’t gonna happen. Sorry. I see all the amazing things my body is capable of.  I see my gorgeous daughter I baked inside me for over nine months.  I know she is the reason for my sagging breasts and stomach.  And of course the stretch marks.  But that doesn’t make me not want better.  I could deal with the sagginess and stretch marks- what motherhood has done to my body doesn’t really bother me.  It’s what my tumor and you know, actually eating has done to my body that bothers me.

See how I love to complain, even when you thought you wouldn’t have to read more of it, BAM there it is! I’m tricksy!

I have good news (ya, ya, ya, I just saved a bunch of money…) and speaking of cars, my Honda Passport is sitting in my driveway as I am typing this! Yay. I haven’t had a car since the beginning of January!  Hali and I cannot WAIT to enjoy having our own car again.  We both have big plans, and I believe they almost all involve spending poor Jeremy’s hard earned money.  At least he has a new job, managing someone else’s body shop (for a change) and we aren’t a half step away from the poor house anymore.  No, more like a full two steps from it now.

I am so excited about this car.  I cannot say that enough.

We are going to story time tomorrow! Yay. I am a little unsure of Hali though.  The lady who used to do it had to quit (for financial reasons) and we REALLY liked her a lot.  I don’t know if Hali will be as comfortable with the new lady or not, but we shall see.  It has been over a month since we’ve been so…

Then, a trip over to the insurance office to sign the new policy.  Maybe a quick trip to the store for a few things to tide us over until Friday and The Big Shopping Trip, and home to bedeck our new car with all our stuff.  You know, the dvd player, emergency snacks and water, wipes, hand sanitizer, cds, and some sort of air freshener ( I love those ones that hook on the vents).  I need to set my stations, the clock, maybe even stick some smart ass bumper sticker in the window.

I keep logging on here thinking I am going to post some Thoughtful Post.  Maybe something that seems as if I put some time into it, and is you know, comprehensive.  Then it is suddenly midnight and I am freaking exhausted. So I don’t.  I stare at softies on Flickr.  I am sooo addicted to it.  I have no life.

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  1. Don’t worry about the break, we all do it from time to time. 🙂 Seriously, though, I think that it is AWESOME about your car!!! I know the feeling. I also have the body thing as well. You should love some part of your body, but frankly? Why not want better????? I get flack for this opinion. Ooooh. Try Jergens self tanning lotion (you would probably need the fair skin type). I HEART IT. If it gets the stamp of approval from my weight lifting Metrosexual guy friends, then you know it is good. Seriously, give it a try (Do be careful on the feet and ankles though. The tendency there is to go orange!)

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