It Takes So Little Sometimes…

May 8, 2007 at 4:23 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Today I bought dish towels.  For The Very First Time.  Regardless of the fact that I have been married for over five years and a stay at home mom for three and a half, I had never bought dish towels until today.  How bad is it that I am blogging about dish towels? It’s not even the first time I have blogged about towels before, either.  I am such a nerd.

A couple weeks ago I stocked up on towels for when my wonderful family who I miss sooo much comes to visit.  I bought six matching navy blue towels to match the bath mat in the upstairs bathroom.  Another first.  I think previously I had purchased two matching towels together, at the most.

It’s starting to sound like we are very damp people for our lack of towels around here, but I swear, we are not.  Well, except for when we walk outside and the humidity hits us like a freakin’ brick oven.  Then we are more than slightly damp after just a couple of minutes.

But back to my towels.  So after I washed them and the white hand towels (separately, of course) I had also purchased, I carefully folded them so that they would fit on the shelves in the linen closet.  I brought them up to the closet and stacked them neatly on the shelves. 

And just stood there, before the closet.  For way longer than is sane.  I just couldn’t help myself.  I even went to take a picture (only to discover that my batteries needed charged), I was that happy- no let’s be honest, I was giddy.  To be completely honest, I think I was even having an experience.  All those towels, hand towels, wash clothes, sheets, pillow cases, blankets, comforters, throws, quilts, afghans, and table clothes lined up, stacked up and grouped together was just, well, kind of a turn on.

After I forced myself to close the door, I was playing with my daughter and I found myself wondering.  Do I have some kind of a fetish?  Is it the orderliness of it all?  Why does that make me so happy?  Luckily, these amazingly interesting thoughts were quickly interrupted by a call from my mom who put my linen euphoria into words “it’s almost like a sexual experience”.  That’s my mom.

While there is nothing like a neat linen closet, it is satisfying, and it definitely lasts longer, I think that I had best not let my husband know how much I like my little closet lest he become jealous.  Or tries to roll over and mutter for me to go see if the closet is awake and in the mood before falling back to sleep.


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  1. I too can relate to your liking for linen closets – we’ve just extended our house and now have a walk-in linen closet! I love it! I think it’s all about order and organisation . . . and it’s great being able to see everything neatly in front of you! Go on, take a photo!

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