Happy Father’s Day!

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It’s Father’s Day weekend (wow, no s%$#!) and I say that, because I sure tried to stretch Mother’s Day out into a whole weekend, so Father’s Day deserves the same.  When I went to go write this entry, I realized that there are TWO important fathers in my life- my dad and Hali’s dad.  Sure, they have their similarities, but really, they are two different men with two different parenting styles. Maybe this requires two separate entries, but I am going to squeeze them both into one, as I bet only one will ever read this anyways- my husband (dang nosy guy started reading my blog…).  So, because he comes first in my life these days, Jeremy is first up:

Jeremy may only have been a dad for about three and a half years now, but he was waiting for a few years before that.  Seeing as he is only 27, that is impressive.  I remember walking through Walmart together when we were first married and he would literally freeze and stare at any cute baby nearby.  The dorkiest grin would be plastered on his face.  I think he had to refrain himself from actually going up to the babies and picking them up. He had baby fever.  Thank goodness we had one just over two years after we got married! 

So honey, if you are reading this: I appreciate the father that you are to Hali- not just for what it means to me, but for what it means to her.  She might be a booger, but she is your booger through and through. You guys are so wonderful together that I can’t help but just sit there and listen to you two play.  It brightens up my night when you two are in the other room loudly having a good time at whatever game the pair of you have contrived.

Jeremy is overprotective of Hali in the most endearing/sometimes annoying way.  She would be a bubble girl if it was completely up to him. He cannot stand the thought of anything- not even the tiniest bruise or scratch happening to his girl.  Some of the most wonderful and memorable moments in the past few years have happened when we weren’t doing anything at all.  Just sitting back as a family. Jeremy leans over and kisses Hali’s little head and looks over at me, his eyes are simply glowing with a fierce love of our little girl and our little family.  He smiles and says ” I love you, I love my girls, I love our little family” and I know that we are both thinking and feeling the same thing. This is family at its best.  The sharing of these moments of intense love of your child and of each other.  The fulfillment that only we can bring to each other as a family.

Happy Father’s Day, Jerm.  I know you think its a day just like any other, but it isn’t.  I know I will be thinking kind thoughts of you. At least this weekend, anyways…

                                                     <IMG style=”WIDTH: 194px; HEIGHT: 270px” height=472 src=”/images/21876-20889/417104283_a2eac12489.jpg” width=221>

My dad is a quiet, average height, average size, good looking guy. I have been told by many women that he is handsome, and seeing as he is my dad, thus I have half his DNA, I have to agree.  He isn’t the most social guy around, but he is the kind of guy you want for a friend, because he will help you out, no matter what.  He is surrounded by beautiful women. No, he’s no Hef, it’s just that my mom is very beautiful- one of the best looking uh, women her age that you’ll ever run into and all my sisters are so gorgeous.  Poor guy. Hot wife=good. Hot daughters=bad.

   <IMG style=”WIDTH: 323px; HEIGHT: 183px” height=225 src=”/images/21876-20889/HPIM1899.JPG” width=372>
   (See?! They’re so pretty- all but the dorky one on the right- she’s really let herself go…)

I never thought of my dad as the sentimental type until I was married.  Then, one day I was at my parent’s house helping my mom look for something amongst all the pictures, drawings, and other mementos of our big family.  I stumbled upon this simple but beautiful poem that he had written when I was a few years old.  It brought tears to my eyes.  He was probably all of twenty years old at the time he composed it.  It was a big turning point for me in how I relate to my dad as an adult, but still as his daughter.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad- I miss you.


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  1. I love the sisters picture. I have four sisters (and three brothers). We always try to get as many pictures together as possible when we are all together (although one has died we still try with just the four of us).

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