I Should be on an Infomercial!

June 18, 2007 at 4:37 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Guess who has lost 26 pounds in less than a month? ME! Oh, that’s right! Since Mother’s Day I have lost over 26 pounds.  I know this because that is when we got a scale. I saw the truth right there in numbers.  Really, really high numbers.  That was a hard week for me.  So I bucked up and decided it was now or never. No more half-way jobs.

I was told about a diet plan ( I hate the word diet, I think it gives the wrong message, but in this case it is pretty fitting) where you consume a Puny 300 calories a day.  However, the women that I know of that are doing this have the aid of one of those diet pills that helps you feel more full and gives you energy. Me? Nah. I don’t need no stinking diet pills.  Diet pills NEVER turn out to be safe- and yes, I know the FDA has approved this new one, blah, blah, blah.

So I made up my mind that I WOULD do this diet- I HAD to lose weight this way. How could you not, right? The first two weeks the pounds jut kept falling off.  It was AWESOME! I was hungry all the time. But, I had lots to do to keep my mind off of it- my family was coming down! I really think keeping busy is the key so that you don’t think about your hunger.  I do have to say, though, that after the first week or two, you don’t feel nearly as hungry.  Your stomach must shrink a little when you don’t fill it up. So it’s not as pitiful as it sounds. 

The last couple weeks I have hardly lost anything- I believe I have hit my “plateau”.  There always seems to be this weight that you get stuck at, and I am at mine right now.  Unfortunately, I have not even lost half of what I want to lose.  I am about 6 pounds shy of my pre-pregnancy weight.  That in itself is great, but unfortunately I had put on forty pounds the year before I got pregnant. So, ideally I would like to lose 46 more pounds, but I believe I will be very pleased with only another 36 or so lost. Heck, I already am pleased with myself. All my clothes are falling off me, people!

What do I have to do now? Well, unfortunately I have to start exercising. I’m so lazy and still overweight (although not AS overweight as I was, thankyouverymuch) that I just abhor working out.  I am not a morning person.  For me to force myself out of bed before nine is an accomplishment to me.  To drag my fat butt out of bed an hour earlier to TORTURE myself??? It just does not seem right to me! 

Unfortunately, with a seriously clingy three year old, Texas weather, and an ocd self, early mornings are just when it is going to have to happen.  I am so out of shape that I will have to work out several times a day for 20-30 minutes each.  I need to get one of those over with before Hali is awake.  Thankfully, Hali and I are always have some activity planned that requires some decent exertion on my part. 

When I made up my mind to do all this, I knew I would have to start working out regularly.  My plan was to do this for two months and decide from there what I want to do.  I am half way done.  I think I already know I will need to continue this for longer.  Once I make working out a habit in another month, I believe I will increase my caloric intake a little, but not much.  Maybe just a little so I can eat a FREAKING BOWL OF CEREAL FOR BREAKFAST! Oh, sorry, that was Monster Charli.  She gets out sometimes- she’s hungry a LOT lately.


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  1. 300 calories a DAY???? Extreme dieting is usually around 1,000! Honey, I consumed more than that after my gastric bypass and that surgery has mondo complications. (Like, due to the massive shock and malnutrition, my hair started falling out) PLEASE. BE. CAREFUL. I can understand doing something radical for a short term to kickstart your diet and get a chunk off, but this kind of extreme dieting just isn’t a good idea for much longer. Ideally, you shouldn’t lose more than 1-2 lbs a week. If you go to sparkpeople.com and enter a weight goal, they totally help you with how many calories and how much exercise you need to make it happen. It was pretty much right on target for me and my 25 lb. weight loss. The best, best, best thing I ever did to lose weight? I lifted weights. Seriously, the more muscle you have, the more your body burns just SITTING ON YOUR BUTT. I always thought cardio was the answer (ANd it definately MUST be done) but I never did the weight thing. Best thing I ever did (And I hate working out). I haven’t been to the gym in a bit but I need to drag my butt back there. Anyway. I am thrilled for your weight loss (You should post photos)and VERY proud of you, but again…300 a day is way too little to be safe, hon.

  2. Loralee, you are absolutely right- it is extreme. The women (who are friends of my mom’s) that were and are on this diet are safely doing it and it was doctor recommended. The weight that I was at was in the OBESE range! Not just overweight, but obese. So something extreme had to happen for my health, my self, and my marriage. This was my answer. Only once have I physically felt bad because of it (dizzy) but that was my own fault- I was reading a book instead of eating breakfast. I, not too long ago, told you the same thing about the calories. But once I tried this diet, I found that its fine. Its only for a few weeks, and then all I must do it maintain! Jeremy actually had me lifting weights with him last night in the garage- I think he was impressed! I got some 8 pound purple dumbells at Acadamy last week just for me. And I actually have been getting a kick out of shouting slurs at Billy during “basic training”, just not every day like I should. So that’s changing.I should add that I stepped on the scale minutes after writing this entry (I hadn’t weighed in several days- I was depressed I hadn’t lost anything in a couple weeks) and I lost another 5 pounds! Two more pounds and I am getting more shoes! Yay!

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