Button Mania!

June 20, 2007 at 5:18 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

After Hali and I oohed and aahed over the ton of buttons that my grandma sent (yay, Grandma!) us a few weeks ago, I decided that it was time to DO something with all those buttons. Luckily, I had spotted this tutorial on marthastewartliving.com a couple months ago and was just waiting for my stash to bulk up a little more.  That and I had to dig out the whole whopping 88 cents to buy the elastic thread needed for this project.  So, in addition to the black one that I made for myself, which I forgot to photograph with the others somehow, here is what we made:

<IMG style=”WIDTH: 292px; HEIGHT: 212px” height=483 src=”/images/21876-20889/HPIM2049.JPG” width=292>

From left to right, we made one each for my sisters: Ashton and Taylor, then the red for my mom, then the last two are Hali’s.  They all look much better in person- one, because my arm is much larger than any of theirs’ and so the bracelets are a little more stretched out than they should be, and two, its been storming and/or cloudy all day and I have had no decent lighting.

Keeping in theme with the buttons, we (I say we, because Hali didn’t object and was actually really excited about this) were tired of the plain, same ol’- same ol’ hair clips and such of Hali’s:

<IMG style=”WIDTH: 291px; HEIGHT: 202px” height=405 src=”/images/21876-20889/HPIM2003.JPG” width=296>

We decided it was time to use up even MORE of our buttons as well as get rid of some severely outdated clips given to Hali by her aunt who herself used them a decade or more ago.  After I saw this tutorial I had to make some- we love buttons.  I’m sure I’ll end up buying some cute buttons and making some more- these are rather plain.

<IMG style=”WIDTH: 289px; HEIGHT: 217px” height=423 src=”/images/21876-20889/HPIM2009.JPG” width=270>

I don’t know what it is, but Hali and I are obsessed with buttons- we have them all sorted out by color in a tackle box that I use to organize all my little craft things like buttons, thread, floss, and ribbon.  She loves to pick out the “cool” buttons- the ones that are shaped differently, mainly.  Which I encourage, I suppose because on some semi-conscious level I want her to keep thinking that the “different” ones or the oddly shaped ones are cool.  Like in life. Uh, ya.  Dang, my insecurities about my body sneak into everything!


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