Optimistic Closet Clean Out

June 21, 2007 at 2:05 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Remember a couple of months ago when I wrote about finally bagging up my too small clothes?  Well, I love to brag, so guess who just pulled them back out? Yay! In addition to that, I put all my extra large winter clothes in a bag. 

I haven’t dared try on any of my pre-pregnancy clothes on yet, even though I am down to that weight (woohoo!).  I am forcing myself to wait until I get a few pounds under, because I have a feeling that with the added “mommy pooch” I won’t be able to get into them right now anyways.  But you just give me a couple more weeks, and I will be shoving my saggy butt into my old jeans! 

You would think that losing over thirty pounds would be like going down 3 pants sizes, no?  Well, its not.  More like one. Possibly one and a half.  Well, at least the first thirty is. Doing the math, I realize that the next thirty pounds will have to drop me about three sizes to make any sense what-so-ever.  And that’s giving the “mommy pooch” some breathing room.

I have started working out, albeit slowly and pathetically.  I just cannot wait for my arms to lose some of their fat!  I am sooo self conscious about my arms.  They are disproportionately large, in my opinion.  I even have some stretch marks going on just over my arm pits. Yes, gross.

I must add that upon discussion last night with my husband on the topic of me being back to my pre-mommy weight but not size, we came to the unfortunate conclusion that I simply have less muscle tone than I did before. Dang.  How’s that for a self-confidence boost, eh?!  So, I worked out (albeit briefly) twice yesterday, and I am about to go work out again.  As soon as I dig out a bra that will at least somewhat support my poor saggy ginormous girls.


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  1. Thanks for the comments! I have been making gnomes most recently, and I am thinking of making other magical creatures from HP. I love the bracelets you have been making. I have been thinking about button necklaces for ages, but haven’t tried it yet. I hope you make your HP/bear softie!

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