Tea for Two (or three or four)

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A couple of years ago I bought her a Dora the Explorer (not the classiest, but she sure loves Dora) tea set.  Her very first tea set.  She fell in love with it.  And that was before I explained how tea parties work.

I love having a girl!  We have tea parties all the time. We gather around the tiny pink Dora the Explorer table in her room and she plays hostess to me as well as a couple of bears.  She is an excellent hostess.  My only complaint would be that if you are lactose intolerant, too bad, because she WILL add it to your tea.  Thank goodness its only pretend tea.

I cannot describe how wonderful it felt and how fun it was to teach my own daughter about tea parties.  There is such a sense of tradition involved.  This will definitely go down in my book of Fabulous Parenting Moments. 

I was giddy with excitement when showing and explaining all the intricasies of The Tea Party.  I showed her how to serve tea to her guests.  I suggested that bears would make perfectly acceptable guests. 
Wow, notice how I am making this sound as if its all about ME? Well, it really is fun for me as well.  I get to relive my childhood in many ways.  Plus, I have a girl to play with now, instead of a younger brother!

Hali has really taken to it all. She goes full tilt with her tea parties.  There is a strict dress code.  Pajamas are perfectly acceptable attire, but you must MUST accessorize.  A lot.  Gaudily so.  Even the bears are subjected to this.

And because I am not one to miss out on a perfect sewing opportunity, I created a set of pink napkins to join Hali’s tea set.


These were extremely easy to make. You can find plenty of napkin making tutorials all over the internet. The only difference here, is I made mine smaller. After all, they are for a little girl to go with a miniature tea set.

After I finished, I thought they looked a little plain. That just wouldn’t do. So I hand embroidered some simple crowns on the corner of each napkin. I just used my disappearing ink fabric marker to draw out a little crown and then stitched over that. I used a mixture of back stitches and satin stitches, but nearly any stitch will do for something this simple.

Hali now hosts the best, fanciest princess tea parties around.


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