Beach Trip

July 2, 2007 at 3:28 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

When my family was here visiting last month we made a quick trip down to the beach one day:


We all had a BLAST!  Hali especially had a good time hanging out with her aunts and uncle:


So Jeremy and I decided to have some family fun, woke Hali up, packed up the car, and headed down again this weekend. Lucky for us it is less than two hours to the beach for us, and that’s driving right through Houston, a large and very congested city. Hali is such a delight at the beach!  Everything is FUN! The pure joy in her voice when we pulled into the parking space and she saw the beach and shouted “we’re at the BEEEEEACH!” was priceless.  So was every minute we spent there:


As you can see Hali was a VERY happy girl. She’s so animated and gorgeous when she is excited. And also, how hot is my husband?! Grrr! We all went out and floated around in the waves.  Hali rode in her little pink float you see Jeremy holding.  Jeremy held onto the float. And groped me.  I groped him back.  The beach is FUN!

Hali and her dad have a unique way of making sandcastles which I will have to share later this summer when I actually remember to get a picture of it. They dug in the sand and piled sand up.  They went out in the water together, just the two of them.  I sat under the umbrella:


and wondered where that cabana boy was.  Then I remembered that I was in a stained tank top (stupid idea to put on that Natural Glow lotion at one in the morning before you go to the beach), huge floppy hat, and still over twenty pounds overweight.  No hot cabana boy is going to be caught dead rubbing sunscreen on my flab. Oh, ya, and I was at a cheap public beach on the gulf.  Not the Riviera. They don’t have cabana boys.  That didn’t stop me from calling Jeremy ” you there- boy!” and demanding him about.  I only wish I had ordered him to rub sunscreen on the backs of my arms, because they are now splotchy and red. And yes, that is me with no make up.


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  1. My boys LOVED the beach when we took them. Hey, when are you coming up to Idaho Falls? I have a whole bunch of friends I want to see up there (OK, so it’s only three counting you, but whatever). Let me know and we’ll do lunch. P.S.Damn, girl. The husband is a hottie.

  2. It was going to be this fall, but my parents house won’t be done, so Hali and I will probably come up around Christmas time without Jeremy (sorry you don’t get to meet the hottie in person) for a few days.  I am DYING to meet you in person.  Not to mention how much I want to meet Jessica, whom I am sure is one of those three!We’ve promised my parents we’d come up to Lake Powell next summer- they want to rent a house boat. They did it last summer and had a blast- my family is big into skiing and wakeboarding and tubing.  So I’ll be in Utah next summer, but southern Utah.

  3. Looks like a nice day at the beach, despite the fact no cabana boy came to rub lotion on you. 🙂 (I see that you’ve been stopping by my sewing blog. I have a “real” blog that I update more regularly than my sewing blog:

  4. Thanks! I will go stop by right now.  I have your sewing blog saved on technorati, which is how I get all the thirty something blogs I read updates, but I see I will have to add your “real” blog as well!  I love updates!

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