First Official Entry

July 6, 2007 at 5:04 am | Posted in clothing, sewing | 1 Comment

This being my first official entry for my craft blog- my other blog being Mom and Me, I thought to start off with the first clothing item that I made.  Ever.  I made this last week in preperation for our beach trip:


It was inspired by this (who was inspired by her– I read them both religiously and love what they come up with). I started thinking what a great cover up it would make and having not found anything that I actually wanted to buy for Hali, I decided it was time to sew my very first article of clothing. 

 I learned a bit in the process.  I didn’t do the sides the way I should have (doubled them over so they don’t fray).  Ruffles really aren’t that hard to do.  I like double bias tape- it’s my friend.  It looks a bit wrinkled in the picture, but it actually went on quite smoothly.  I just didn’t feel like ironing for a picture.  I hate ironing.

 I did not however, start with a pillow case.  I just used what I had: some soft solid pink fabric, some pink dotted fabric, and white bias tape.  The little rectangle on the chest was appliqued on using the smallest zig-zag setting on my machine.

 I had to beg Hali to try the dang thing on, and when she finally put it on, she didn’t want to take it off and got spaghetti sauce all over it, so I got to wash it so it could be worn the next morning to the beach.


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  1. Congratulations on starting your craft blog, and on making such a great dress for Hali! I am terribly flattered by your link to my blog – thank you so much!

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