I’m Feeling Inspired…

July 9, 2007 at 5:27 am | Posted in Crafty, Home Decor | Leave a comment

inspiration board

 Sorry for the blurry shot- it has been raining/cloudy nearly everyday here for three months, I swear.  I made my inspiration board a few weekends ago, finally.  I had a piece of cheap plywood sitting in the garage that I was going to use, but when I looked at it and I looked at my huge six foot desk, it jut didn’t work. 

 So while grocery shopping I lucked upon a BIG corkboard/bulletin board.  So I took some red fabric that I got for cheap at Hancocks, some white ribbon I had bought for this purpose at Michael’s, some quilt batting, a stapler, and some upholstery tacks, and went to town. 

 I used the upholstery tacks, instead of the plain white tacks I had because (1.) I doubled the batting up and the normal tacks/push pins wouldn’t stay properly lodged in- they weren’t long enough and (2.) they antique upholstery ones just look fancier.  You know how I like that…

 Overall I am pleased with my project. It gets all those scraps of paper off the desk that I am constantly shuffling through to find that one thing I drew or cut from a magazine or made a note of.  It really adds some color to the office- I am still in the process of finishing the room.  It still needs curtains (right now it just has blinds, albeit nice ones), slipcovers for the blah pillows, and eventually slipcovers for the office chairs as well. Oh, and more shelving.  And I really need some better lighting- maybe a lamp for the desk.  Something cute… I think I’ll have to go thrifting this week!!!  An excuse to go back to my favorite little peddler’s mall! Maybe I’ll even have to buy a couple of those baskets I have been wanting!


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