Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

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If you haven’t seen the movie yet, continue reading at your own risk!

Last night I went (all by myself for the first time, thank you very much- and yes I am a loser who has no friends) to see the 5th installment of the Harry Potter series.  You may not be aware (say if you’ve been in a coma or just never been by here before) that I. LOVE. HARRY. POTTER. A lot.

I have been looking forward to the movie the way a diet coke lover looks forward to that first sip of the day.  It was spectacular.  I think that the actors improve with every movie- their characters are growing up and so are they.  They are really evolving into these personalities that we Harry Potter lovers have come to love.  Well, except for Umbridge.  And Malfoy.  I would include Snape, but he makes me laugh and I may kinda like the creepy guy just a little too much- I think because I always think of him this way, and what he is wearing coincidentally looks just like a “Snape” outfit:

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But back to the movie.  I knew from what I’d read on various web sites that just as in the previous movies, many things would differ from the books, and I do understand (for the most part) that it is the way it has to be.  There were a few things that bothered me though.

They made Cho Chang out to be the one who spilled the beans about the D.A. instead of her friend, Marietta.  I realize they’d rather not have to introduce another minor character into the movie and all, but they could have just shown “random girl with huge red pimples on her forehead that spell out SNEAK” and the others glaring at her instead of Cho. Then again, the whole date that didn’t work out so well thing would have to be explained and how do you do that without adding a whole other scene, right?!  But now Cho seems like a bad person and Harry seems even less faultless (than the clumsy, self conscious, insecure, unsure teenager that he is so well portrayed in the book).

Imelda Stanton portrayed Dolores Umbridge so well.  I hate any part of the book that she was in, and cringed through her scenes in the movie.  Not because she is a bad actress, but because she portrays Umbridge’s truly twisted, cruel, and horrible personality so perfectly.  I don’t think she was quite toad like enough, and that is my only real complaint.

A big fan of the Weasley twins, their departing from Hogwarts scene was fantastic.  It would have been neat to see a little shot of their swamp, but I knew that wasn’t coming.  For some reason, and I don’t know what it is, but I didn’t really enjoy their scenes like I normally do.  Maybe they weren’t making me laugh in every one of them.  Maybe they seemed so much less attractive with those hair cuts than they did in the last movie.  I am really not sure why I was unable to enjoy them as I usually do.

One tiny thing that I noticed as the scene was changing, was that Phineas’ name was shown as being burnt off the Black family tree tapestry.  I don’t believe this was so in the books.  Wasn’t he Headmaster of Hogwarts?  And also, they should have gotten a shot of Narcissa’s name on the tapestry, not just Bellatrix’s.  Was it just me, or did her picture on the tapestry look more like Angelina Jolie than Helena Bonham Carter?

Can I just say that Emma Thompson is one of my favorite all time actresses?! Her Trelawney is perfection! 

Oh, and I know this is extra, super bizarre, but I get this really weird, disturbing sexual vibe from Lucius Malfoy (Jason Isaacs).  I don’t think he’s all that great looking, sure he’s handsome (if a little old for my tastes) and so not my type, but I feel really uncomfortable any time he is on screen, and not just because he plays a bad guy.

*NOTE* – This is kind of off the topic, but I had to throw it in:  In searching for Sense and Sensibility I did a search and one of the top sites that came back was this site, which is, incredibly, dedicated to Harry and Hermione! Wow! What a coincidence, eh?  And it just so happens, that I have been a H/Hr shipper for some time now- I  really believe that Ron will be killed off in the last book (what good is he anyways?) and that Harry and Hermione would make an excellent couple.  But this is getting far fetched for most people, I am sure!


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