Hali’s Room Redo

July 19, 2007 at 4:25 pm | Posted in Craftin' With Hali, Crafty, For Hali, Home Decor | 1 Comment

A couple of winters ago when we lived up north, Hali and I were spending an afternoon over at my mom’s house.  She had bought some letters for my sisters to decorate their rooms with, and I always wanted to do this for Hali, so she picked some up for me Hali too:

The “H” was painted pink, then a few random rhinestones stuck on, the “A” is covered in silk flowers, the “L” is covered in buttons, and the “I” has ribbon tied all around it. 


 I know these have been done and done- I mean who hasn’t done these?

 Since I took this picture months ago, we started working on a small “redo” of Hali’s room.  It was just getting too cutsie and cluttered.  She hardly ever wanted to pull out toys and play- especially the ones in her closet that is full of them they are hard to get at.

 The princess crowns on the other side of the mirror (Big Lots for like $15, people!) are just some cheapo Walmart craft section finds that are foam- I pulled them down this week for the redo.

The frames that Hali helped me paint pink are staying, but getting some brighter and better ribbon than that crappy one that blends in with the wall. I loved this idea because it’s such a good way to show off her paintings, which she loves.

The princess crown hook to the left is staying.  It’s very functional for hanging her princess hat and cow girl hat, both in pink of course!

We just added some hardware to the dresser a few months ago- you can’t really see it well, but it will also stay.

The large gold framed picture is going.  The pink box (another project that Hali and I did together) and Dora sewing kit will go on a shelf in her room so that she can actually reach them to use.

So as part of her room redo, I’ve been searching the internet, trying to get ideas for what functions well for a three year old like Hali.  Turns out, we have just about everything we need, (or atleast we will after this weekend) it just needs to be rearranged so that it functions well for all the playing and other things that need to go on in one little girl’s room.

It was starting to feel like Hali just wasn’t playing with her toys.  She has so many.  So after thinking it over, some toys are going (we already tossed a few this week). Some toys are staying.  Many are just being moved or organized better.  A spoiled only child, she just has so much JUNK!  I couldn’t take it anymore, and I don’t think she was crazy about most of it either.  So we are throwing out what we don’t LOVE. Or I should say, I am throwing out what I don’t think she really loves to play with.

“Simplify, simplify, simplify” is our mantra for this redo! And maybe “function, organize, accessabilize” (is that a word?) should be thrown in as well.

I have finished sewing all but one of her fabulous curtains that I can’t wait to show off. They are really going to brighten up her room and add some playful color to it.  Yes, they are still mainly pink, but in a less boring way!

Here’s something else we did a few weeks ago with another wooden letter:


Hali honestly did most of the painting and all the glueing on it. I just did the ribbon.

 I will post our finished room next week, hopefully!

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  1. It sounds as though the room redo is coming along very nicely! Hali’s done a great job of the letters (we haven’t done letters yet – maybe we need to). I’m looking forward to seeing your photos of the finished room.

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