To Do Before Dean

August 20, 2007 at 4:20 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

My list of things to do before Dean hits- don’t worry, it probably won’t directly hit us, but we will get a butt-load of rain (what?! MORE! NOOOO!) and wind:


– water (should have this anyways for storage- bad Mormon!)
– shock kit for the pool (in case we need to bathe in it- its pretty nasty now with all the rain we’ve been getting and no cleaning)   
– lighters
– diapers (yes, I know, she’s three)
– crafty things to do with Hali (we’ve been so bored stuck inside so much this summer- we need more things to entertain us)
– small broom and mop with wooden handle (to cut down for Hali- ’cause I’m big into child labor)
– brackets for Hali’s desk
– Diet Pepsi ( I only have like 10 left, and I can’t go without!)
– yummy treats that come in wrappers and require no cooking

To Do Outside:

– clean pool
– shock pool
– bring floats, chairs, balls, plants, hose, etc. into the garage
– bring out garbage cans to the street, then put them in the garage after trash pick-up

To Call:

– the church to let them know we will stay at home or be at in-laws
– insurance company about renter’s insurance
– landlord
– Britney
– Mom (she needs to hear me complain about everything, I’m just sure of it!)

To Do Inside:

– put together a craft bag and a game bag in case we go to the in-laws if the power goes out
– put together bag/suitcase with clothes, file w/ important paperwork and documents, laptop,cell phone chargers, and toiletries in case we go to the in-laws
– call doctor about anti-depressants in case we go to the in-laws
– eat all the popsickles with Hali and Jeremy
– make something with lots of chicken so the bag in the freezer doesn’t go to waste

Hopefully we don’t get directly hit, and our power, water, and/or gas doesn’t go out.  But if it was like, really rainy and windy (but not enough to make a tree fall on our house) so that Jeremy couldn’t go to work, that would be pretty cool ‘n stuff.

The tree falling on our house/ large branch destroying something scenario worries me, because our house is surrounded by many, many trees. Oh, and our house backs a creak. Yay.

Hopefully the water doesn’t actually come IN our house. Or garage. Huh. Sounds like I kind of have my specifics on how I want the storm to behave… I am so picky.  I’ll try and check in and let everyone know how we are in the next few days here. 


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  1. I’ll be thinking of you and hoping that all you get is a bit wet! I don’t envy that to do list.

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