Getting Use Out of the Useless

September 1, 2007 at 3:42 pm | Posted in clothing, Crafty, sewing | 2 Comments

I am very picky about fashions in clothing.  One item of clothing that I have never been particularly fond of is the bloomer.  You know, those cutsie little elasticized diaper/underwear cover ups?  To me, they are just overboard. Too much. I have to say that they just don’t look comfy, either.  Plus, down here in the south, where its over 100 degrees, plus the heat index (which is a lot seeing how humid we always are) it is just one more extra layer of clothing that no one needs. 

 Unfortunately- or rather fortunately, now that I have figured out what to do with them, they come with dressed for little girls a lot.  I brainstormed after cleaning out Hali’s closet a few weeks ago, and came up with in my modest opinion, a great use for them.


No, something better than laying them out on your carpet or wearing them as masks (though that is super fun and entertaining for a little while)! Keep going….


Purses! Or is it a bag? What’s the difference? Should I look this one up? Should I medicate my OCD?

 The cute little bugs on this fabric were just too cute to toss, so I cut off the leg holes, sewed the bottom up, added a liner (my very first liner, I might add, thank you very much) cut some white ribbon for a handle, and presented it to Her Royal Highness. 

 Her Highness was quite pleased and proceeded to Her Royal Bedchamber wherein she commenced to Fill it with Jewels and Coins- not to mention the ever-so-important Markers and Paper.

This is the biggest purse she has, so it did seem very spacious to her.  I was just happy she managed to hold still for exactly two and a half seconds so I could snap a picture of her with it. Not to mention she actually modeled it for the shot- normally she refuses out of principle. What that principle that is, I don’t know…


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  1. Great idea! Although I quite like the bloomer (maybe more in theory than in practice though)

  2. That’s very cute.

    I actually like bloomers (for my daughter, not me). Although not so much on hot days (100+). I also have let my daughter wear one with a camisole around the house OR to bed on hot, hot days.

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