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– We are looking for a new home. Not because we hate ours (we don’t, it’s the best rental home in the world in our price range and a super good deal).  We want to be closer to Jeremy’s work, plus we used to live in that area and really like it. Our lease here is up in a few weeks.  It’s hard to believe it’s been a year.  If we don’t find anything we’re thrilled with then we’ll just stay put until next year when we will build or buy.

– I just started using the Proactive off brand Acne Free.  I took before pictures and everything.  I got it at Walmart (I’ve also seen it at Sam’s and yes I realize it’s all the same owner) and am quite excited about it.  My little sister uses it and she says it really makes a big difference, the only problem is that it quits working after a while, so you have to switch on and off it.

I just got so tired off the pimples and acne. I have had acne since I was a pre-teen.  I’m a mom now, for goodness sakes!  I have under eye and forehead wrinkles! I am a REAL adult! ( I know you know what I mean.)

– I was using this prescription that my mom gave me (bad bad you should never do that) for our excessive overactive underarm sweat problem (apparently its genetic).  It’s a liquid that you rub on your pits every night.  It worked amazingly, but required a prescription. 

Last week, I found Certain Dri.  At about four dollars, it was less than half the cost of the prescription, works just as well, and is easier to apply.  And it doesn’t require a prescription! You don’t’ have to consult your doctor about your sweaty pits! I found Certain Dri at Walmart as well by the other deodorants and antiperspirants.

You guys, I can work out, be pouring sweat everywhere BUT my pits now! That’s how awesome it is. I feel like a normal person now.  I have always been so self conscious about my sweaty pit stains. It used to be that it took no actual physical activity to get me sweating.  No more. And yes, I realize how “testimonial” that just sounded, but it’s all true.  It works so well and has just taken such a load off my mind that  I wanted to share it!

– I lost another couple pounds, despite not being strictly on the diet. Yay me!



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  1. Holy moly, that is cool about Certain Dry. I’m going to buy some TONIGHT before my trip. (I seem to have developed a sweating problem later in life!)

  2. “later in life”?!?! What? 32 is “later in life”? Crap! Boy have I got some stuff to do in the next few years here! Ha ha.

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