Still Working on Hali’s Room…

September 11, 2007 at 5:58 am | Posted in For Hali, Home Decor | Leave a comment

Before I even started Hali’s room redo (it still needs a few finishing touches, but pictures are coming soon!) I was thoroughly going over Apartment Therapy Nursery.  Not because we live in an apartment- we don’t (anymore thank goodness) but because I wanted her room to have so many different functions and I wanted it to function well. 

 She needs: to sleep, read, color/draw, play, dress, relax, entertain her parents (she hosts many tea parties but more on that later), and just be a kid.  All in her space.  Not to mention her good sized wardrobe and accesory collection need to be stored there, as do a TON of toys, and her growing library.

 I wanted everything to be organized and have a clean yet fun and playful look to it.  I wanted it to be a happy room, and Apartment Therapy Nursery has some great example of how I could accomplish that.  My style is always evolving as are Hali’s needs, likes, and dislikes. She’s Hali though, so I think she’ll always love pink!

 We spent a good couple hours on her room today and I have changed a few things I wasn’t planning on changing again, but I believe this room is really going to work for us.  I say us, because Hali is rarely in her room without me.  I can’t wait to finish up!


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