We Have An Official Big Girl!

September 24, 2007 at 3:24 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

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Friday evening Hali had very possibly her last diaper change (if not very last, then one of the last).  After cleaning her up she announced that she wanted to wear “pretty Dora panties”. So I headed for the office, thinking we’d give her booty a breather before putting on another diaper, because I thought surely she just wants to tease me.  Nope.  It was the real thing.  She walked into the office with panties and a grin on.  I then asked her if she wanted to “go” on the potty chair.  She said yes. WHAT?! You do?!

So I ran into the bathroom, pulled out her little potty chair and helped her sit on it.  She did it, ya’ll!  BOY did she do it! So we hurrayed and clapped and had M&Ms.  And then she did it again.  Repeat the process.  Call everyone who would talk to me.  Popped popcorn, watched favorite Dora episode. Yay.

That night I couldn’t help but think it was a fluke.  She has done this before and then refused to go on the potty chair anymore. I was so anxious. As I was putting her to bed, I brought up that in the morning, she could sit on the potty with mom and go. She on her little one, of course.  She excitedly agreed and then drifted off to sleep.

Fast forward to the morning.  She woke up and immediately joined me in the bathroom where she did it again!  YES!!! Let me tell you, by the time her head hit the pillow Saturday night, she probably had half a bag of M&Ms and not a single accident.

Sunday morning.  Same thing.  Up and down the stairs all morning.  Lots of candy. Me sitting at the breakfast table with Jeremy as Hali played (she finished eating fast). Crying.  Jeremy uncomfortable. Sorry honey.  At least he wasn’t present for my Bawlfest the night before.  We were just talking about how amazing it was that she just up and decided that she was ready to ditch the diapers all by herself (we’d been told eventually this would happen).  Then my eyes started doing this annoying watering thing.  Before I knew it, Jeremy was patting me on the back and I was soaking my bagel. 

This is IT.  She’s not a baby anymore. She is Independent.  I mean SERIOUSLY! What am I going to DO?! Oh yes. I believe it goes something like this:


Fortunately, how sad I am about this big step away from babyhood is overpowered by the sheer THRILL of it all.  It has been a struggle for 2.25 years for us, and now NOW it is here.  Hali is potty trained.  I am grinning even as I type this.

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