My Little Ballerina

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Friday was Hali’s first ever ballet/tap class***.  I finally signed her up on Wednesday.  So on Thursday we went to about 5 different stores looking for everything that she needed. I am not pleased with her leotard so I am going to buy her a couple more online.  Apparently if you’re not into rhinestones and rainbow colored bias tape around neck and arm holes you are S.O.L. in the black leotard department of our town. What does that say about my little town in Texas?
 <IMG style=”WIDTH: 110px; HEIGHT: 334px” height=745 src=”/images/21876-20889/HPIM2377.JPG” width=261 border=0>                             <IMG style=”WIDTH: 358px; HEIGHT: 334px” height=621 src=”/images/21876-20889/HPIM2379.JPG” width=640 border=0>

Going into the whole ballet class thing, I was very excited for her, because this is her first class of any sort.  I was worried that she would worry and not want to listen to the teachers and just cling to me.  But she didn’t! She marched right in there and yelled “Hi, everybody!” before I could so much as put her ballet shoes on her little feet (not so little anymore- I had to find a size 10 for her!).  She did so well.  I was really impressed with her.

I admit to being the annoying mom who stood there closest to the door the whole time so that I could see her every move and so she could see me when she actually thought to look for me.  I didn’t want to miss a moment.  That and I didn’t know if she would have a break down if she went to look for me and didn’t see me.  Next week I may even sit down in a chair.  Closest to the door, but still!

Three year old ballerinas are the cutest thing EVER!  They all come running and squealing out to have their mama’s change them into their tap shoes and it just makes you smile.

Unfortunately the smiles ended that night, when Hali started getting sick.  By Saturday she was definitely in Bad Cold Land.  By Sunday so were Jeremy and I.  No one has been able to leave Bad Cold Land.  Not a pleasant place to stay, believe you me.  I don’t know if there is a room in my house were wads of tissue can NOT be found.  I think my husband helped CVS pay their electric bill this month. He bought Emergen-c, Robitussin, (he insists that it’s the GOOD stuff) and just about every cold medication you can find for poor Hali. He even got that nasal spray stuff that’s supposed to help you get over your cold faster.  I. Do. Not. Do. Nasal. Sprays.  Luckily I still had some Breath Right strips.  Man I love those.  They make a bigger difference than any medicine I’ve ever taken for a cold.

Oh, except for Throat Coat.  It’s an herbal tea that was the ONLY thing that would soothe my throat a couple winters ago in Idaho.  Our doctor, Dr. Brooks, who is awesome!!! recommended it to me (and he is LDS, fyi) and it is the best thing for a sore throat, period.  We found them at Fred Myers there. I don’t remember where else you can find them, except online- even Amazon has them, I’ve found.  Go ahead and stock up on it- you will thank me this winter.

So from one of THE best parenting memories so far, to nasty colds, it’s been an odd weekend for our little family.  Hopefully we will get better in the next couple days, because I have lots of plans for us this month!

*** This was supposed to post October 8th. No idea what happened, but here it is- I had to post it once I noticed it never made it!


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