Guilty As Charged

November 3, 2007 at 5:54 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

I admit it. I watch Dancing With The Stars.  I have since the first show of the first season.  That 14 or so months that we went without tv wasn’t too rough, but I did miss watching Dancing With The Stars.

I always call the winner.  It is always clear to me who should win.

Should being the operative word here.

I can NOT believe that Sabrina got voted off.  There. I said it.  I join the host of the show when I say that I had her pegged for the finale.  I thought she was going to take that flashy trophy.  She should.  She is simply the best dancer. 

Sure, Jenny is good. 

Mel is awesome (baby got back AND front!). 

Helio unfortunately reminds me too much of the gay French race car driver in Talladega Nights, and I can’t help but say “Rrreeeeke Boooob-e” in a bad French accent every time he preforms. 

As much as I love Jane (and I sooo used to watch Dr. Quinn) she just can’t get down ‘n dirty the way you really need to in order to dance

Being LDS, I am contractually obligated to love all Osmonds, but I think everyone is now perpetually afraid she will pass out again.  Jane and Marie just aren’t sharp enough in their movements to win.

Cameron is such a hottie.  Although, is it me, or is his eye spacing weird? But he seriously just is not a dancer. But if he would take off his shirt, I would vote to keep him a little longer, which is why is still there, I think.  We all keep hoping.  That or we all want to see if his very sexy smokin’ hot partner will pop out of one of her costumes.  I’m straight, I swear, but wow.  Edita is HOT.

All said, I am considering not watching the show any more.  I can’t believe that there are enough clearly NOT sane people with that POOR judgment to vote off Sabrina.  Why weren’t people voting for her?  I was so disturbed by it all that I googled Dancing With The Stars Sabrina and found that there is a petition (oh, yes, there is) going around for a redo.  I would like some kind of a recount. I really have a hard time believing that people just did not vote for her.  So I signed the petition.  Pointless, I know.  I am such a nerd. With no life.  Me and half of America.



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  1. I haven’t watched it, but I am really glad you posted, so I had to say HI!!!!

  2. You’re so nice! Hi back! I haven’t been posting much. I don’t really know why. I’ve been super busy. Things are going great.  I have had TONS of foder lately.  I guess I just always blog at night and lately I just want to relax, not get all worked up over whatever I’m writing about. I’m OCD, so for me blogging is very uh, involved when I do actually write. Most of the time.

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