Belated Halloween and Fall Home Decor and Crafts

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I’m sure I got the inspiration for these from some great crafter somewhere, and I am sure they aren’t exactly original, but they sure were fun to make and are super cute. I sprayed some wooden beads (from the craft section of Walmart) black. Then Hali and I bent black pipe cleaners in half and inserted them into the hole. Hali had a blast gluing on googly eyes!

Then we let these cute creepy crawlies infest our house! They really loved the ficus. And the window above the front door- I think they had plans on dropping in on unsuspecting intruders visitors.




I really loved Martha Stewart’s glittered pumpkins. I wanted to make some as soon as I spotted them on and on my next trip in to Michael’s I spotted the little kits. I found some plastic pumpkins there as well.  But I am cheap.  And that price sure seemed awfully high for some glitter (although, yes, it IS really pretty glitter) and glue.  And Michael’s wanted way too much for some plastic pumpkins.

 Thrifty me spotted some glitter glue in gold and copper. I thought “hey, Hali could help me paint it on with some paintbrushes and it would be a fun project for BOTH of us that way!”. So for about two bucks a bottle, I snagged up three bottles of glitter glue. 

On my next trip into Walmart, I spotted some small plastic pumpkins on sale for much less than what Michael’s was asking.  So all told, I think I spent about HALF of what I would have, had I done it Martha’s way.  The outcome, I must say, is just as good and looks great in my entertainment unit:


I did however, purchase some autumnal garland and a grape vine wreath from Michael’s for the mantel and fireplace. I LOVE fall. It is absolutely my favorite season.



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