Two Black Cats

November 27, 2007 at 6:05 am | Posted in accessories, clothing, For Hali, sewing | 2 Comments
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For Halloween Hali and I were both (as per her request) both black cats.  I made us ears and tails. I also made her some furry little cuffs to go around her tiny wrists to complete the look.  She already had the clothes, so it was a very inexpensive costume.  I was really prepared to go all out and sew up some fabulous costume for her, but she just wanted to be a black cat ( I think because her idol, Dora the Explorer also has dressed as a cat for Halloween) and she wanted Mom to be one too. 

 The big surprise of the night was me dying my hair. I am actually a blond, but decided to have some fun and try something new for Halloween. Turns out I really like it (for some reason my hair looks super greasy in that picture though) and so does everyone else. So it remains, although it is already fading.

 I just realized that I didn’t draw and whiskers on myself. Just as well- Jeremy’s cousin was so kind as to point out that Hali’s look like a spider…


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  1. I think you guys look so great!! I don’t have a daughter so I’m super jealous. 😉

  2. cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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