Thanksgiving was Great Now its December!

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Thanksgiving was so great- our little family has so much to be thankful for this year! It really has been a fabulous year for us. Jeremy and I both have started packing on the obligatory holiday poundage. 

We went to Jeremy’s aunt’s house for Thanksgiving, so we honestly didn’t end up with many left overs. So I, being the awesome and loving wife that I am, whipped up a little Thanksgiving dinner of my own on Tuesday! I cooked my first ever turkey! I was very proud, I must say. The left overs of our little feast were thoroughly enjoyed by us this week! I even whipped up some potatoes, rolls, stuffing, and my favorite top secret green jello salad. I was feeling so domestic and whatnot!

I even was able to restrain myself and didn’t come home and start packing up all my fall decor so that I could put up all my Christmas stuff. I actually didn’t want to take most of my pretty new fall decor down this year. Usually I am eager to do it, but I really like some of the new stuff I got. Autumn IS my favorite season!

                                              <IMG style=”WIDTH: 351px; HEIGHT: 464px” height=527 src=”/images/21876-20889/HPIM2339.JPG” width=480 border=0>

You can find more of my autumnal home decor over at my craft blog, Lil’ Booger.


And now it is Christmas time! I have nearly all my Christmas STUFF up already. Hali and I sipped hot chocolate while bedecking our Christmas tree with silver and gold ornaments. A fun little tradition. Especially great this year, as Hali was really old enough to help! She basically did the bottom part of the tree in plastic ornaments herself while I did the top of the tree with the glass ones). She did a great job and was quite proud of herself, as was I.  She was even appropriately appreciative when we finished and plugged it in. Lots of WOWS and jumping up and down. Hali thought it was pretty neat too (teehee).

The only parts that were missing were a topper and a skirt. The angel that I was given years ago is quite small and looks ridiculously dwarfed by our largish tree. So, I decided that we needed a big gold star. Easier said than done. Every one I see just looks too cheap- like it may fall apart the first time it gets handled.  So we are off to Target Monday to see what we can find. I’m thinking really huge, sparkly, and glittery!

My beautiful silver and gold skirt was stolen a few years ago when I left it outside on our front porch steps leading to our apartment. I had gotten some yucky old tree water on it when I was taking down the tree, washed it, then let it hang out over the hand rail to dry. Apparently someone liked it.

Same thing happened to a couple loads of laundry while we lived there as well.  One load even contained several curtain panels that had gotten a ton of cat hair on them so I tossed them in.  We really helped dress some people as well as decorate their apartment for them! I have yet to find a suitable replacement for the skirt.

Once I get those things, as well as a few presents that I ordered for Hali wrapped up this week, I am soo posting pictures! Yay! Christmas photo shoot!

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