My Poor Girl

December 15, 2007 at 4:00 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

My poor Hali. It’s not been a great couple of days for her. Last night she woke up crying. She’d been having a nightmare. She dreamed that all of her Christmas presents were gone. Poor girl! She kept saying that she couldn’t find them. I calmed her down and told her it was just a bad dream- a nightmare. 

She still seemed upset so I picked her up and carried her out to the landing at the top of the stairs where she could peer over and see for herself that the presents were still indeed under our Christmas tree downstairs.  I nearly giggled at the relief she surely must have felt as she squinted in the bright light I flicked on overhead so she could verify for herself that her beloved gifts were still in their rightful place under our tree.

I carried her back to bed.  We snuggled for just a moment and she fell back to sleep. Hopefully to more pleasant dreams! In the morning, when I asked her, she told me that the garbage man had taken all her presents away.

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Apparently it was a nightmare filled night for our little family.  Jeremy dreamed we were in the middle of a war and were fleeing our home, running through the woods. Hali was screaming for me, but I was running behind her (this sounds right- she would want Mom, but Jeremy is much taller, stronger,and faster than I so he would be carrying her. In his dream he was wishing he had gotten around to building that underground shelter for us.  I am not positive, but I believe I can interpret this dream for him…

I woke up in the middle of the night preforming an exorcism.  How many people can say that? I don’t remember exactly, but an evil spirit was trying to take over someone’s body. How strange are we? And what was wrong with those quesidillas I made for dinner? Seriously?! It must have been all the rain we had last night.

Back to Hali. Thursday was her doctor appointment for what we suspected was a herniated umbilical. We were correct. Her little belly button has always been an outtie, but lately it’s been sticking out quite a bit. Especially when she tightens up her tummy when she gets excited or upset.  It’s not so large that something needs to be done about it, so we will just keep an eye on it and hopefully it won’t get any larger. It doesn’t hurt her or bother her at all, so that’s that.

The day before THAT, Wednesday, was the library’s story time Christmas party and a GOOD day. Hali was not expected to get anywhere near Santa. She seemed quite frightened before he arrived. But he arrived to the sounds of jingle bells and all the kids were so excited.

She quickly realized that Santa wasn’t a bad sort.  He seemed very kind, actually.  Then Hali saw some of the other kids being picked right up by Santa and put on his knee.  She heard them tell Santa what they wanted fro Christmas. I think that’s when it clicked: you have to TELL Santa what you want for Christmas so you get it.  She told me she would “just stand next to him” which is what she did last year. 

When the time came, she ran right up to him, let him pick her up and put her on his lap, and with her head down in shyness, told him she wanted a Dora bicycle with training wheels for Christmas. Then she cheered right up and pointed at the librarian and I who were both demanding “cheese” from her. We both got the same shot. This picture is just so Hali.

I cannot tell you my shock at all this! I actually had to make her wait- she would have ran up there in front of the other waiting kids had I not stopped her.  I didn’t tell her what to ask for or even hint.  Coincidentally, Santa WAS planning on getting just that present for her. In fact, there is already a Dora helmet and knee/elbow pads with her name on them hiding somewhere in the house!


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  1. her tights rock my world. I love the stripes. Jon doesn’t remember any of his dreams. I find this weird and slightly disturbing…

  2. They are the cutest little things I found at Target (we like to dress cute around here- we are girly girls) that are actually supposed to be knee highs, but go up mid thigh on her. They are for like 10-? shoe size and she is barely a 10, so they are large on my tall lanky girl.We both read a certain blog (you’ve meet her in person! so lucky! so is she to have met you!) where dreams were just discussed- did you go to the website she linked to? I believe that it is actually more unusual to remember your dreams than not to. I could be mistaken, though. I find it delightful that my tiny little girl dreams and I must confess to wanting to know what she dreams of. Basic things at her age, I am sure, and she seems to wake up from nightmares often… This is probably the first dream that she had that she remembered and was able to tell me about. So how bad do you want a sweet little girl now?! If just for the cute clothes alone!

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