Happy 6th Anniversary

December 18, 2007 at 3:58 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Six years ago today. It seems like longer some days. That didn’t come out sounding very nice, did it? It seems like long ago, yet the time seems to go by so quickly. I don’t know how to describe it. 

In 2001 we were married in the Houston temple. I have wonderful memories of that day, dispite some bad news I’d recieved the day before:
-Being the center of attention (not something easily done as the oldest child of 6).
-Promising to be with my Jeremy forever.
-Jeremy saying the wrong words.
-Our Explorer with cat food cans attached to the back. Jeremy cutting them off in the Olive Garden parking lot so they wouldn’t cut our new car.
-The funny looks as we walked into The Olive Garden for lunch in our wedding finery.  We were hungry and the reception wasn’t for a few hours!
-Trying to cram my dress in to every chair I sat in.
-My gloved hand giving some friends the bird out the car window as we drove down the freeway.
-EVERYONE honking as us wherever we drove.
-The great music from the jazz band.
-Our delicious cakes.
-Finally sitting down after the reception should have been over to eat a piece of cake and just SIT for the first time in hours.
-Mom telling me that we “could leave, you know” and then realizing how late it was and that we really COULD uh, go and start the honeymoon! But dang, it was a long day- I was EXHAUSTED!
-The mirrored closet right next to the bed in our hotel room…

 For Jeremy:

Thanks for asking me, marrying me, and staying married to me! Best thing we ever did for ourselves.

* Oh, my GOSH! I think we were collectively about 75 pounds lighter then!

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