Who Says Blonds Have More Fun?

December 22, 2007 at 5:43 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Somehow, I thought that I had posted Halloween pictures here with a whole Halloweenerrific post. I think I did post about Halloween and our costumes, I just did it here. That would be my “craft blog” that I have been keeping so as not to bore all of you with my sewing struggles/accomplishments/outright bragging, Lil’ Booger.

So what happened on Halloween that I had to bring it up now that we are in full Christmas mode? Well, this:

Excuse the messy hair- it was an impromptu photo shoot- Hali grabbed the camera from me and started taking pictures of me while I was sitting on the floor trying to get some pictures of some Christmas crafts we had made.  And also? My nose? Is actually quite petite and cute. I have no idea how this angle made it look so odd.

On Halloween it was black (my hair, not my nose), and has since faded to a deep brown with some black parts.  Black with brown highlights, maybe? Anywhooo, I’ve been blond my entire life and this was a welcome change. I have extremely dark (not to mention BUSHY) eyebrows, and I have always wanted to see what I looked like if my hair and eyebrow color was a little closer.

Hali insisting that I dress up as a black cat along with her was my inspiration. And it was Halloween. The further along in the hair dying process I got the more timid I became. It began resembling that odd hair in a can stuff that idiotic balding men wear instead of just buzz cutting there hair.  But, when it came time to rinse it out (which seriously took FOREVER) I dried it partially and was really liking it. 

Later that night when my husband got home, he had a big surprise.  I was a little nervous he wouldn’t like it. He DID like it.  He looked at it as getting a whole new woman.  He started calling me his girlfriend, Mercedes (for some reason I required a stripper name for my new alter ego- er, changed hair color…) and was doing a LOT of staring and groping. Needless to say, changing your hair color is a GREAT way to spice up a marriage!!!

Here’s a shot that is a bit better:

*** My host is switching servers tomorrow, so this here blog may be down for a day or two. I promise to post soon after Christmas which is in freaking THREE DAYS!!!


Click here for embarrasing, (but a cute sexy little elf, if I do say so myself) funny, dancing Elf Charli.

Go Elf yourself or have a snow fight with some. Thanks, Jessica!


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