Late Morning Conversations With Jeremy

January 2, 2008 at 5:20 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Cell phone rings. It’s Jeremy:

Charli: HIIII!!!!!

Jeremy: Hey, Honey! Good morning!

Charli: Morning! What’s goin’ on?!

Jeremy: not much… hey I need you to do something for me

Charli: I figured!

Jeremy: how?

Charli: well, you called me, didn’t you?!

Jeremy: yaaa, but…

Charli: oh, sorry. I mean, you called me and it wasn’t at night to tell me you were on your way home so I figured that you wanted me to do something for you.

Jeremy: heeeeyyy!

Charli: so what do you need me to do?

Jeremy: I need you to take some of the cash-

Charli: there’s cash? Cash? Where’s the cash?

Jeremy: You know there’s cash!

Charli: no, I didn’t! If I had known…. well, where is it?

Jeremy: you know where it is

Charli: noooo…

Jeremy: its ***(sorry, but I am so not about to reveal our top secret hiding spot)

Charli: oh, ya. Well, if only I had known that there was cash just laying around, I’d have… uh….bought something….

Jeremy: what? bought what?

Charli: mmmm…. I don’t know.

Jeremy: please go put a thousand of it in our checking account today

Charli: mmmkay

Jeremy: like before 2:00

Charli: alllllriiiiiiight. Guess that means we might have to get out of our pajamas…oh, wait- I can go through the drive through downtown! It’s so coooold, I don’t wanna get out of the car, so that works! (* I just seriously didn’t want to have to get out of my sweat pants and bundle up and risk actually getting cold. It’s southern Texas- I shouldn’t have to get cold, like EVER.)

Jeremy: ah, well, I’m busy, so please just get that done soon

Charli: k! bye!

*** Love you and mushiness that I will spare you followed.

Sometimes I feel that my husband only calls me during the day if he wants something! Also, I hope he recognizes how nice I am- there was plenty of cash hiding in the house and after having been told about it, I DIDN’T SPEND IT! How nice am I? Talk about a frugal wife!

To add to the story, upon arriving at the bank, they took forever. That would be because apparently, one of the one hundred dollar bills was counterfeit! It was peeling apart and everything. The branch manager held it up to the window to showed me. It was that obvious. I was slightly embarrased that I had not noticed it when I counted out the money at home. Twice.

SO of course I freaked out a little, called Jeremy, and told him what was going on. I decided that I needed to go home and get the rest of the cash (that we received from the sale of a truck Jeremy had bought and sold in less than an hour) from the same guy, just to make sure there wasn’t any more.  There wasn’t. So, someone owes us one hundred dollars! I have to say it was extra stressful, because just a few hours before this happened, the guy who gave us the cash and works for my husband was fired!

So much for my first experience with counterfeit money! I swear, even the simplest of tasks becomes an ordeal around here lately!


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  1. Just checking my equal opportunity blogroll for dead links. I have you listed as “Mom and Me” is that correct? I can’t see a banner here so I’m not sure. And hey, where am I on your blogroll, missy?

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