I Miss My Machine!

January 17, 2008 at 6:03 am | Posted in sewing | Leave a comment

I have been without my sewing machine for about a month and a half. It is KILLING ME!!! I am just dying to get started on so many projects. We are moving in a few days and I will NEED my sewing machine. There are pillows for my new couch I will be buying to be made.  There will be window treatments to be sewn. There are window seats in the new house that will need to be outfitted with cushions. SO much to do!

 Luckily, I will finally be able to drop my beloved off at the nearest service center. Which isn’t exactly so near. It’s a good 45-60 minutes away. Luckily, we are going on a small road trip this weekend and can drop it off on our way through.

 Picking it up may be a problem. The shop is in Houston and I. Do. Not. Drive. In. Houston. But my dear husband knows how much I love my machine. He has even actually liked some of the things that have been produced with The Machine. So, it may require exhausting sexual favors bribery of some sort, but I will hopefully be able to have my machine repaired and returned to me in a timely manner.

Meanwhile, I will just lust after all the pretty things that all the talented seamstresses and sewing talents out there are making.  And continue to lovingly caress my favorite fabrics in my stash. Poor things.


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