Moving Again

January 28, 2008 at 4:02 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

We are moving AGAIN. That’s right. After being in our home, which still feels brand new, for a whopping SIXTEEN months we are moving again.  I counted last week, and this will be my 17th home. Seven of those are in the past 6 years- since we’ve been married. And my dad wasn’t in the military. Neither is my husband.

Jeremy has, however, been making a longish commute every day since last spring when he started managing someone else’s shop instead of his own.  So we’ve decided to move to be closer to the new job. This is fine, because we used to live just down the street from there and we love the area anyways. The area is really an up and coming area- the Target is nearly done and EVERYTHING! Do you pronounce Target by its French pronounciation? You must. Tarsssshay!

Moving is a horrible, horrible thing. I tried to have a garage sale this past weekend. TRIED. It was freaking COLD (well, for Texas it was) and it rained the entire day before. The husband decided he didnt’ want to do it. A friend that was going to do the garage sale with me decided not to. So I canceled. Anyone want a bunch of my old crap fabulous items that are lightly used and some brand new with the tags still on and everything?

Due to a little road trip we made Sunday, I was stuck in a huge lifted deisel truck that makes you down right nausous when you ride in it and try to eat. With Jeremy and Hali. That means listening to the combined sounds of a Dora the Explorer DVD and old time “classic” country music. As a result, two days later I still have a song about underage drinking stuck in my head- “make you wanna say ‘HIIIIDY- HO!’… burns your tummy, don’t ya know…”

Moving involves a LOT more than packing up your stuff and moving it, ya know. There are nail holes and scratches on the walls to be fixed so we get our deposit back. You have to switch all your utilities, change your address with everyone, have your mail forwarded just in case, and set up all the necessaries for the new house.

And I swear, if I get stuck on the phone with one more person with such a strong Indian accent that I can barely understand them at best, I will lose it. I am already THIS close. Woe be unto you who move, for you will inherit the stress of it all. If I hadn’t lost so much hair last summer and if I wasn’t so vain, I would be pulling my hair out.  Well, that and OUCH! Plus, that takes time, and I don’t really have time to stand around and scream as I pull out my long stands.



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  1. Ack! I want to weep for you! I hate moving with the power of a thousand burning suns.

  2. What else sucks? This entry. I had written part of it then saved it a few days ago. I went back to delete the stupid parts that make no sense to anyone (the garage sale bit and that road trip bit). I added several funny paragraphs about my dislike of sweat and stupid Indian accented tech support people that I hate with a passion. But alas, the stupid blogcast doesn’t operate properly and now all subscribers such as yourself must deal with my randomness and apparent inability to write properly. I am not renewing with this company in May. I hate them. WordPress is a thousand times better. Think Jessica would set me up a pretty blog for cheap? Wonder what she charges for stuff like that?

  3. […] With my birthday arriving last week, I began to think about what a great year I had being 25. We moved back to the area that I had been missing (it’s not Idaho, but hey, beggars can’t be […]

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