Our Daily Time Line

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At the beginning of the year, I posted about this, our daily clock:

A huge clock that Hali and I made to help keep her on schedule and to help her know what comes next.

When we moved a few weeks later, I decided to throw it out. I was trying to implement a few changes in our schedule anyways, so I thought we can just try something new. So, I simplified things and made a new schedule- on more of a time line than a clock format (there were mix ups with a.m. and p.m. also).

I hung this one on the wall just outside Hali’s room, just as we did with the clock. For this one, we managed to find something in various magazines to illustrate each event in Hali’s day. Not only that, but Hali truly did most of this one herself.

I helped Hali cut a few pieces of paper in half (we used my paper cutter). She glued them together. Then I pointed out approximate areas where she should write each number, and helped her with a few of the tricky ones.

Then came the fun part! We pulled out all my home decor magazines (I love home decor) and started searching for pictures to cut. Any reason for Hali to use her scissors is enough to make her a happy girl! After we had enough pictures we glued them on to the “time line” and taped it up to the wall.

This really helped me to get her moving along in the mornings (poor girl takes after me- I am NOT a morning person) and to keep her on task during the day. If she didn’t want to do something or just wasn’t not cooperating, then I would just ask her to go look at her time line so we could see what’s next. And she would run right over to it and proudly yell what it is that we do next.

After a few weeks she really didn’t even need it anymore. But when we’re having a hard time getting into gear, it’s handy to have it there in writing, or um pictures, to help motivate Hali. And her mom. We made it out of things we had around the house, so when our schedule changes in a few weeks (when we officially start preschool home school) I won’t feel bad about throwing this one out or rearranging things on it.


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  1. What a great idea!

    I am now wrangling a little boy off to kindergarten by 8 am every day. Something like this could help him when he’s wondering what to do next.


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