Mini Vacation 2008

August 15, 2008 at 4:23 pm | Posted in adventures with Hali, family, vacation | 2 Comments
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We recently discovered the greatness of The Mini Vacation. We spent most of a weekend at the beach and had a blast. Jeremy decided to inform me that we were going just a few days before we were going to be leaving. So, I decided to roll with it and make it a Big Deal. We booked a hotel last minute, packed a bag with a couple changes of clothes, a cooler full of drinks and snacks, and loaded up all our beach gear.

I have to admit, we had the best time. A couple hours drive there. A couple hours at the beach. A swim in the beautiful hotel pool. After showers and some sprucing up we decided to walk next door to The Rainforest Cafe. We’ve never taken Hali, so it was quite an experience for us as a family. If you’ve never been to one and/or you have the opportunity to take the kids DO IT! The whole thing is just great. Excuse the bad picture- they keep the whole place pretty dark- its supposed to be like a real rainforest…

Our hotel room had a balcony with a beach and pool view:

There was mini golf. Or was it putt-putt? Either way? Fun! Hali’s first time. It got to the point where I was having such bad luck it was kind of a game to see just how many times I could miss a shot that looked as though it should have gone in. If that is a game, I am the winner, hands down.

And, on the way home, pancakes, waffles, and this:

some amateur car races at the Gulf Greyhound Racetrack. Jeremy was a happy man. Again, sorry for the bad picture quality- it’s hard to photograph racing cars while you’re still sitting in your car with a camera that needs replacing.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend. We already have plans on doing it again next year.

This was actually the view as we were leaving the mini golf course. (Darn you power lines! You have ruined too many of my photos!)


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  1. DUDE. The wee one has gotten so big!

    I love mini-vacations like this. They are usually what we take as it takes 12 hours at least in all directions to go somewhere really awesome.

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