Button Bulletin Board (say that three times fast)

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I love buttons. Hali loves buttons. We love buttons. Big ones small ones new ones old ones. Our love of buttons is almost an obsession. Want to make us happy? Give us a bag full of buttons to sort through and organize by color. We will surely do any craft you can come up with that involves buttons.

I’d been stockpiling my pink buttons just for Hali. I wanted to do a fun button craft just for her. Something for her room. Then I realized she didn’t have a bulletin board/cork board. Awesome!

So I had her choose a pink paint from my stash of acrylics. Unfortunately she chose to go with a horrible Pepto Bismal Pink that was posing as Fuchsia. That pretty much sealed the deal. I masked the cork off with tape and paper then let her paint away.

After that dried we started gluing buttons on. We just used regular ol’ Elmer’s glue. I helped with the top and the bottom because I am OCD that way and had to have them somewhat symmetrical. After that she was one her own. Painting, gluing, AND buttons all in the same day? Hali was in HEAVEN!  


A close up:



We screwed one of those tea cup hooks that have a metal catch at the tip so that nothing can easily slide off into the wall. I hot glued (though I probably should have stapled or nailed or something) a length of pink polka dotted ribbon to the back of the board and hung it up. I chose to put it down low within her reach so that she could actually use it.

Hali was so pleased to have a place to put her mementos and such! She immediately started gathering a few things up and put them on her new board.

And what did she put them up with? Why fabric covered money pushpins! Never heard of these before? Neither had I! That’s why I am calling them that. Or perhaps they should have some cool name, like “fat money pins” (fabric- attached- to=f.a.t.). Wow. I am just getting cooler by the minute here.

I cut out small circles from scrap fabric, centered various coins on them, hot glued around the edges, pinched the edges of the fabric up around the back of the coin, and glued on the tack to the remaining exposed coin.



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  1. That is so pretty! I love it!

  2. Those are really neat bullitin boards! I actually like the pink color…although I would never wear it as a lipstick…

    You should give a demo on your blog on how you put those bullitin boards together. Might teach me something useful!

  3. You are so crafty! I love it! I stopped by to present you with your Brillante Weblog Award! For you humor, spunk, and creativity we think you are Brillante!
    You can pick up your button at http://mommylounge.wordpress.com/2008/09/10/mommy-lounge-blog-awards/
    Kalisha and Reneca

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