Staying In

September 19, 2008 at 3:50 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

We are one of the lucky few who already have power back on. And I feel guilty about it. I can hear generators roaring away in the neighborhood next to ours. Crowds gather at the gas station every day all day. Many people don’t have water either. And here I am sitting in my home enjoying all the modern conveniences that I normally have.

I haven’t left the house since Monday. I don’t want to fill up my car with gas when there are so many people in line waiting to fill their gas cans up to run their generators. Stations are only letting them fill up one can at a time. Fights have broken out at the local gas station. Police are there to monitor everyone to help insure that they are on their best behavior.

We’re running awfully low on food, so I may have to go down to the closest grocery store today. Hopefully they have more cold foods available. When the hubs went Monday, there weren’t much refrigerated goods to be had. He grabbed milk and meat and that has been what got us through this week so far.

I have plenty of dried goods- cans upon cans and boxes upon boxes of non-perishable items. But a family needs butter. And fresh fruits and vegetables. Oh, and maybe some chicken?

I am becoming more and more impatient for life to return to normal. We had such a great little schedule going. It feels weird being cooped up all week. The house is pretty darn clean, that’s for sure! I’ve been sewing and crafting with Hali. I’m honestly surprised we haven’t gone totally stir crazy. But I suppose we have some practice at staying home all week. I’ve spent some time in the past few years since Hali was born without my own car.

Fall is officially upon us in just a few days. It has taken some restraint for me to not put up all my fall home decor items. Come Monday? I will be showing no such restraint. I LOVE fall. I love it. My favorite season. We have been blessed with a cool front this weeks as well. It is never this cool here in September. It’s amazing. Such a blessing to all those who are still without power.

And that concludes my ramblings for today.


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  1. goodness, i must admit feeling insulated from real people accounts of the storm. the news is so limiting. though we knew parts of texas got hit and areas were completely wiped out…you just never hear from the real people in their own words. this is eye-opening and i’m glad your family was safe and sound. we don’t get hurricanes in seattle but we get earthquakes. it’s time to put a disaster preparedness kit together — one of those things i keep putting off!

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