What My Husband Did This Weekend

September 22, 2008 at 5:36 pm | Posted in family | 6 Comments
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Speaking of the hubs, want to know what he did this weekend? Not really? Too bad.


Suddenly that 1/16th Cherokee is obvious in him. At least he gave up on growing his hair and facial hair out so that we would all be strip searched the next time we travel because of his obvious Lebanese ancestry. I made him boom “I pity da fool” about a hundred times yesterday before I realized that he was part Cherokee which would be more fitting of the look and gave him his Native American name “Flatulent Jeremy”.

Regardless, my husband does look a little intimidating when he shaves his head and is sporting facial hair. So here’s the Jeremy I know and love:


I love how the bathroom light bounces off of his bald head. It’s so shiny. And for new readers that haven’t seen what he normally looks like:


I’ve not been embarrassed by my husband often in our over 7 years together. However. I refuse to be seen in public with him until the hawk is gone. Also? He had the best thick soft hair. It was just long enough to run my fingers through. Now? My hand just kind of sticks to his dome.


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  1. Boys will be boys and unfortunately…they never grow up do they!


  2. OMG! What is with the mohawks this week. My younger brother just cut his hair into what he calls his “Fro-hawk.” And Reneca was telling me her friends husband cut his hair into a mohawk! Is it the change in the moon or something? What is making this happen?
    I’m so sorry for you 😉 lol

  3. Wow! What a difference! He looks mighty sexy with the mohawk though….are you going to take advantage of that?

  4. Oh, advantage was taken later that night. 😉
    He shaved it all off Monday night.
    It was boredom that made him do it, so maybe it’s just going around…

  5. LOL! What did your litlle girl say?

  6. Your husband looks like Matt,


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