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October 2, 2008 at 8:00 pm | Posted in education | 1 Comment
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After reading several books on education, I am aware of just how much I can influence Hali’s educational experience, even now at the age of four. Not just the effect that I have on her, but the effect that her future teachers will have on her.

Looking back at our educational careers, we can all remember certain teachers. Teachers that inspired us. Teachers that really managed to connect to us and in turn connect us to a certain subject.

My first writing professor in college. My senior year English teacher. My senior year Marketing Dynamics teacher (co-op). My sophomore year Biology teacher. My junior high history teacher. All teachers who really helped fuel my interest in their respective subjects.

Unfortunately, we can all remember a few teachers that were less than inspiring as well. Everyone has a tale or two of the woes of The Bad Teacher. The ones who probably had no business teaching in the first place (I believe my own mother got one of my brother’s teachers fired who would fit the description). The ones who just honestly clashed with us.

My third grade teacher. One of my fourth grade teachers. My Algebra 2 teacher (might I add that her’s was the only class I had ever failed? And that I retook it in summer school and aced it?).

Then there are the ones who we might not remember as well right away. While I maybe wasn’t very interested in or particularly talented in the subject that they taught, I recognize that they were clearly good teachers. They honestly wanted me to succeed and were willing to help me. They were obviously wonderful teachers who loved to teach for the sake of teaching. For me, these teachers are quite memorable as well.

I respected these teachers, because they respected their students. They understood that not everyone is going to easily succeed in the subject. Not everyone is going to have a natural talent for it. Many students learn differently and they were willing to adapt to that. Those teachers- the ones who are not stuck in their ways. The ones who will change or adapt their teaching in order to more efficiently help all their students. Those are the truly good teachers. Those are the teachers we want educating our children.

I just wish I felt more confident that I will find those good qualities in Hali’s teachers when she enters school next year. I really hope we are pleasantly surprised next year.

Who was your favorite teacher?

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  1. My fifth grade teacher, Ms. Lisa Naughton, was my favorite and most inspirational teacher of all time. She encouraged me to learn, forgave my mistakes, did not judge me and prodded me to succeed. She also praised my good qualities and successes in class (I am sure I was not the only one) and that made me feel special.

    For instance, she had me enter an art contest. I did not really like what I had painted, and so I left the painting at home the morning our projects were due. So, she loaded me and some other students into her car and drove me to my house (uh…trailor house) to retrieve the “forgotten” artwork. I think she knew I had purposely left it at home. I tell you what though, I will always be grateful for her for making me crawl through my screen window and entering it into the contest, because I ended up winning grand prize in the Texas Scholastics Art Contest.

    Thank you Ms. Naughton!

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