When Did I Walk Into a Real Life Soap Opera?

October 28, 2008 at 3:25 pm | Posted in The Mundane | 2 Comments
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Jeremy and I hate drama. We loath it. Real life is stressful enough without adding unnecessary drama to it.  We enjoy our quiet, peaceful bubble-like lives. We go to great lengths to avoid drama. More and more lately, this means avoiding a certain family member.

In addition to our aviodance of that family member, Jeremy frequently has to just not answer his phone when it rings, because there is even a woman who constantly calls him so that she can complain to Jeremy about all the drama that is going on with her friend, who happens to be Jeremy’s boss. Yes. Can you say uncomfortable?

It seems to me that there are people who are in our lives (and that is not going to change, so we deal with it) that love this stuff. They thrive off of drama. They are never happy unless there is some major drama going on. No drama? Fine. They’ll make some drama. Better yet, they are going to call you and get you involved in it too! Because they would hate to be so selfish as to not share the wealth! Hey- I’ve just stewed up a big batch of drama! I should share!

It is honestly starting to seem like a soap opera here. I feel like Jeremy and I are the narrators of some cheap poorly done drama. All around us, the people in our lives are creating all this drama for themselves and we are the commentators who just sit back and scratch our heads. And the actors in this drama will not take any direction. They’re just wandering aimlessly about.

And of course, I can’t blog about all the stuff that goes on.

*** Edit*** The hubs says it’s not a good idea, and he’s right, so no “fiction” for me.


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  1. OMGosh girl…there is SO MUCH drama in my life…
    that is why I call myself the “Screwed Up Texan”. My sister and I were even joking about writing a book entitled, Confessions of a Chaotic Family, until she passed away last May (more drama may I add). That is where I came up with the inspiration for the title of my blog.

    I can’t stand drama either, and I know each of us does it occasionally, but still..urgh! I have family members that I dont answer the phone to. I really think these kind of people dont even realize how annoying and/or depressing they can be. Then talking badly about someone behind their back…roll eyes.

    I look forward to your “fictional” charectors.

    Thank God for caller ID.

  2. I haven’t watched a soap opera and followed the story line since I was in college ditching class 😉 Silly right? I would ditch class to eat Ramen and watch Days of Our Lives…anyway, I can’t wait for the “Internet Bride” Should be a good read (no pressure).

    So, what I really came here for is to tell you that you’ve been tagged!

    Reveal 7 wierd or random facts about yourself and then tag 7 more people.


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