Firetruck? Hali fears you no longer.

November 11, 2008 at 6:01 am | Posted in adventures with Hali, The Mundane | 3 Comments
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Every year the library does a “firefighter” theme one week for all the kids. This year they read books about firefighters and then did a related craft.

The past two years, we lived in a larger town and there was a whole shabanga-bang at the larger county library. The firefighters came in with their gear, they talked to the kids about their jobs, fire safety, etc.

The mom’s oogled the firefighters. Seriously. It was so ridiculously obvious it was hilarious.

But each year, no matter which library, we all went outside afterwards to check out the firetruck that the firefighters brought with them. And every year Hali is too afraid/shy to approach the firetruck. The other kids are holding the hose, climbing around in the cab, checking out all the gear, etc. Not Hali. She would scream and cry until I took her back inside.

This year? She’s all grown up! Yay! It took her several minutes to warm up, but when she saw her friend getting in the truck, she decided she’d do it too.



She still wouldn’t look the fireman in the face, but baby steps, people, baby steps! We lucked out- because we were the last to leave (Hali really did take a while to warm up to it all) we watched them pull out of the library parking lot. They turned on the sirens, honked and all that as we stood there. The kids (ok, and their moms) were very excited.


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  1. Do you know that you can usually take you kids up to firestations to do a tour and meet the firefighters any time of the year? Sometimes you need to schedule a tour and sometimes not. Just call your closest one and ask what their policy is. Most firestations have coloring books or stickers to the kiddos to take home afterwards. Also, see if National Night Out is popular in your community b/c then you get to meet the firefighters and police. Our town does walk throughs of their mobile command units.

    What a great learning experience for your child that she will not soon forget.

  2. How fun! When my son’s class did their fire station visit, they even got to squirt the hose! (Talk about a dream come true for a 5 year old!)

    And about the oogling… I think it’s in the fire fighter recruitment brochure… 🙂

    Have a great day!

  3. How do I sign up for one of those? I love firemen! I think my kids might like the firetruck…..

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