Weekend Break

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Substitutes have been called in for the class that Jeremy and I teach every Sunday. People have been informed that we are not going to be around. We will be around. Just not for any one else, if that makes any sense?

This weekend we decided that out poor over tired and over stressed family needs some quality family chill out time. This weekend we aren’t worrying about taking care of anything or anyone but ourselves. Phones will be off tomorrow morning. 

We are going to have a nice leisurely breakfast complete with cinnamon rolls. Then we may even eventually get out of our pajamas and do some shopping. Furniture shopping! With the sales going on this weekend, I can’t resist taking a look. After all, our loan is in underwriting and we are about to be the proud new owners of a much larger house than the one we are currently in. This calls for more furniture! I love furniture.

And let’s not forget that it being Valentine’s Day mean lots of dessert and treat making. I have strawberries for dipping in chocolate at the ready. We may even get ambitious and do some cookies.

This? Is the extent of my plans for this weekend. Doesn’t it sound wonderful?! A weekend of doing NOTHING!

Crafting and sewing sound like welcome activities for Hali and I to do Sunday and I bet a nap will be a necessity for Jeremy!

Here are some crafts from last Valentine’s Day that never got posted:

valentine garland

Valentine’s paper heart garland strung together with a strand of red sequins!

wooden heart cutouts

I believe this was purchased at Hobby Lobby. It’s made of wood which Hali painted red and then we hung it from the light above our breakfast table.

cardboard heart boxes

Heart shaped cardboard boxes that we decorated with paint, glue, glitter, stickers and ribbon. Hali and I both thoroughly enjoyed making these and they really are a great craft for you to do with your kids- everyone can work on their own, they are reasonably cheap and they turn out cute. Fill them up with treats and give them away or keep them for yourselves. Or both- that’s what we did!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Button Bulletin Board (say that three times fast)

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I love buttons. Hali loves buttons. We love buttons. Big ones small ones new ones old ones. Our love of buttons is almost an obsession. Want to make us happy? Give us a bag full of buttons to sort through and organize by color. We will surely do any craft you can come up with that involves buttons.

I’d been stockpiling my pink buttons just for Hali. I wanted to do a fun button craft just for her. Something for her room. Then I realized she didn’t have a bulletin board/cork board. Awesome!

So I had her choose a pink paint from my stash of acrylics. Unfortunately she chose to go with a horrible Pepto Bismal Pink that was posing as Fuchsia. That pretty much sealed the deal. I masked the cork off with tape and paper then let her paint away.

After that dried we started gluing buttons on. We just used regular ol’ Elmer’s glue. I helped with the top and the bottom because I am OCD that way and had to have them somewhat symmetrical. After that she was one her own. Painting, gluing, AND buttons all in the same day? Hali was in HEAVEN!  


A close up:



We screwed one of those tea cup hooks that have a metal catch at the tip so that nothing can easily slide off into the wall. I hot glued (though I probably should have stapled or nailed or something) a length of pink polka dotted ribbon to the back of the board and hung it up. I chose to put it down low within her reach so that she could actually use it.

Hali was so pleased to have a place to put her mementos and such! She immediately started gathering a few things up and put them on her new board.

And what did she put them up with? Why fabric covered money pushpins! Never heard of these before? Neither had I! That’s why I am calling them that. Or perhaps they should have some cool name, like “fat money pins” (fabric- attached- to=f.a.t.). Wow. I am just getting cooler by the minute here.

I cut out small circles from scrap fabric, centered various coins on them, hot glued around the edges, pinched the edges of the fabric up around the back of the coin, and glued on the tack to the remaining exposed coin.


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Despite the weather (it’s been raining every day this week and doesn’t look like that is going to change any time soon) I knew I’d better snap a few pics of completed projects while I remembered. This is Hali’s apron. I just made up a pattern, because I wanted something very simple. Just enough to protect her clothes when she helps me bake or for particularly messy crafts.         


She liked hers so much, I decided to make another for her friend who just turned four yesterday. I had her model it before we headed out to his party:


With my assistance, Hali ironed on some letters to personalize the apron a little as well. This apron is actually made from a dish towel I picked up at Garden Ridge. I just added some matching bright green bias tape (you can’t see it well, but there are a couple rows of bright green stitching in the towel) and flipped up the bottom to make pockets. As this was a gift for a boy, the little princess cat that was embroidered at the bottom of the towel also had to be cut off.

We made and bought a couple other gifts for him as well, I just didn’t manage to get pictures. Maybe next time we are over for a play date.

Our Daily Time Line

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At the beginning of the year, I posted about this, our daily clock:

A huge clock that Hali and I made to help keep her on schedule and to help her know what comes next.

When we moved a few weeks later, I decided to throw it out. I was trying to implement a few changes in our schedule anyways, so I thought we can just try something new. So, I simplified things and made a new schedule- on more of a time line than a clock format (there were mix ups with a.m. and p.m. also).

I hung this one on the wall just outside Hali’s room, just as we did with the clock. For this one, we managed to find something in various magazines to illustrate each event in Hali’s day. Not only that, but Hali truly did most of this one herself.

I helped Hali cut a few pieces of paper in half (we used my paper cutter). She glued them together. Then I pointed out approximate areas where she should write each number, and helped her with a few of the tricky ones.

Then came the fun part! We pulled out all my home decor magazines (I love home decor) and started searching for pictures to cut. Any reason for Hali to use her scissors is enough to make her a happy girl! After we had enough pictures we glued them on to the “time line” and taped it up to the wall.

This really helped me to get her moving along in the mornings (poor girl takes after me- I am NOT a morning person) and to keep her on task during the day. If she didn’t want to do something or just wasn’t not cooperating, then I would just ask her to go look at her time line so we could see what’s next. And she would run right over to it and proudly yell what it is that we do next.

After a few weeks she really didn’t even need it anymore. But when we’re having a hard time getting into gear, it’s handy to have it there in writing, or um pictures, to help motivate Hali. And her mom. We made it out of things we had around the house, so when our schedule changes in a few weeks (when we officially start preschool home school) I won’t feel bad about throwing this one out or rearranging things on it.

Our Daily Clock

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A few months ago we were really struggling to get back into the routine of things. Our days just didn’t go as smoothly as they normally should.  This seems to happen to us after the holidays and also the end of August/beginning of September.

 It is so important for toddlers (and their moms) to know what is next. Most of our toddlers, smart as they may be, can’t read or tell time yet.  So, I found this general idea somewhere (???) and with a few changes, made it into our very own giant daily clock. 

This is on the wall just outside my daughter’s room, and it is about a two and a half feet diameter circle.  Using a couple pencils and some string (a homemade large protractor), I drew a big circle on some brown shipping/craft paper that I picked up for a dollar at the local dollar store.

We cut it out, then drew in the numbers around the circumference of it, just like a real clock.  I picked out a few images from Microsoft Word’s clip-art (you can find tons of cute things all over the internet, though) and printed those up.  My daughter colored them, then cut them out with some craft scissors. We used some zig-zag ones that were handy, put you can use any kind of scissors.

We talked about each picture and what it represented as we colored and cut. Then, we layed the pieces out where they belonged on the “clock” and what time each activity would approximately occur.  Hali glued each piece down to the paper.  At this point you could even add some “hands” to your clock for extra fun- maybe even some that move so that your child can move them to each activity as the day progresses.

 Just to give you an idea of what we have put on our clock:

tv time, breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth and hair, play time, snack, reading time, lunch, chore time, dinner, bath time, etc.

Hali loves to go and point out what time is next in our day when I ask her what we should do next.  It helps her get moving during times when she is dragging a little bit, too.

Belated Halloween and Fall Home Decor and Crafts

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I’m sure I got the inspiration for these from some great crafter somewhere, and I am sure they aren’t exactly original, but they sure were fun to make and are super cute. I sprayed some wooden beads (from the craft section of Walmart) black. Then Hali and I bent black pipe cleaners in half and inserted them into the hole. Hali had a blast gluing on googly eyes!

Then we let these cute creepy crawlies infest our house! They really loved the ficus. And the window above the front door- I think they had plans on dropping in on unsuspecting intruders visitors.




I really loved Martha Stewart’s glittered pumpkins. I wanted to make some as soon as I spotted them on marthastewartliving.com and on my next trip in to Michael’s I spotted the little kits. I found some plastic pumpkins there as well.  But I am cheap.  And that price sure seemed awfully high for some glitter (although, yes, it IS really pretty glitter) and glue.  And Michael’s wanted way too much for some plastic pumpkins.

 Thrifty me spotted some glitter glue in gold and copper. I thought “hey, Hali could help me paint it on with some paintbrushes and it would be a fun project for BOTH of us that way!”. So for about two bucks a bottle, I snagged up three bottles of glitter glue. 

On my next trip into Walmart, I spotted some small plastic pumpkins on sale for much less than what Michael’s was asking.  So all told, I think I spent about HALF of what I would have, had I done it Martha’s way.  The outcome, I must say, is just as good and looks great in my entertainment unit:


I did however, purchase some autumnal garland and a grape vine wreath from Michael’s for the mantel and fireplace. I LOVE fall. It is absolutely my favorite season.


Hali’s Room Redo

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A couple of winters ago when we lived up north, Hali and I were spending an afternoon over at my mom’s house.  She had bought some letters for my sisters to decorate their rooms with, and I always wanted to do this for Hali, so she picked some up for me Hali too:

The “H” was painted pink, then a few random rhinestones stuck on, the “A” is covered in silk flowers, the “L” is covered in buttons, and the “I” has ribbon tied all around it. 


 I know these have been done and done- I mean who hasn’t done these?

 Since I took this picture months ago, we started working on a small “redo” of Hali’s room.  It was just getting too cutsie and cluttered.  She hardly ever wanted to pull out toys and play- especially the ones in her closet that is full of them they are hard to get at.

 The princess crowns on the other side of the mirror (Big Lots for like $15, people!) are just some cheapo Walmart craft section finds that are foam- I pulled them down this week for the redo.

The frames that Hali helped me paint pink are staying, but getting some brighter and better ribbon than that crappy one that blends in with the wall. I loved this idea because it’s such a good way to show off her paintings, which she loves.

The princess crown hook to the left is staying.  It’s very functional for hanging her princess hat and cow girl hat, both in pink of course!

We just added some hardware to the dresser a few months ago- you can’t really see it well, but it will also stay.

The large gold framed picture is going.  The pink box (another project that Hali and I did together) and Dora sewing kit will go on a shelf in her room so that she can actually reach them to use.

So as part of her room redo, I’ve been searching the internet, trying to get ideas for what functions well for a three year old like Hali.  Turns out, we have just about everything we need, (or atleast we will after this weekend) it just needs to be rearranged so that it functions well for all the playing and other things that need to go on in one little girl’s room.

It was starting to feel like Hali just wasn’t playing with her toys.  She has so many.  So after thinking it over, some toys are going (we already tossed a few this week). Some toys are staying.  Many are just being moved or organized better.  A spoiled only child, she just has so much JUNK!  I couldn’t take it anymore, and I don’t think she was crazy about most of it either.  So we are throwing out what we don’t LOVE. Or I should say, I am throwing out what I don’t think she really loves to play with.

“Simplify, simplify, simplify” is our mantra for this redo! And maybe “function, organize, accessabilize” (is that a word?) should be thrown in as well.

I have finished sewing all but one of her fabulous curtains that I can’t wait to show off. They are really going to brighten up her room and add some playful color to it.  Yes, they are still mainly pink, but in a less boring way!

Here’s something else we did a few weeks ago with another wooden letter:


Hali honestly did most of the painting and all the glueing on it. I just did the ribbon.

 I will post our finished room next week, hopefully!

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