Weekend Break

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Substitutes have been called in for the class that Jeremy and I teach every Sunday. People have been informed that we are not going to be around. We will be around. Just not for any one else, if that makes any sense?

This weekend we decided that out poor over tired and over stressed family needs some quality family chill out time. This weekend we aren’t worrying about taking care of anything or anyone but ourselves. Phones will be off tomorrow morning. 

We are going to have a nice leisurely breakfast complete with cinnamon rolls. Then we may even eventually get out of our pajamas and do some shopping. Furniture shopping! With the sales going on this weekend, I can’t resist taking a look. After all, our loan is in underwriting and we are about to be the proud new owners of a much larger house than the one we are currently in. This calls for more furniture! I love furniture.

And let’s not forget that it being Valentine’s Day mean lots of dessert and treat making. I have strawberries for dipping in chocolate at the ready. We may even get ambitious and do some cookies.

This? Is the extent of my plans for this weekend. Doesn’t it sound wonderful?! A weekend of doing NOTHING!

Crafting and sewing sound like welcome activities for Hali and I to do Sunday and I bet a nap will be a necessity for Jeremy!

Here are some crafts from last Valentine’s Day that never got posted:

valentine garland

Valentine’s paper heart garland strung together with a strand of red sequins!

wooden heart cutouts

I believe this was purchased at Hobby Lobby. It’s made of wood which Hali painted red and then we hung it from the light above our breakfast table.

cardboard heart boxes

Heart shaped cardboard boxes that we decorated with paint, glue, glitter, stickers and ribbon. Hali and I both thoroughly enjoyed making these and they really are a great craft for you to do with your kids- everyone can work on their own, they are reasonably cheap and they turn out cute. Fill them up with treats and give them away or keep them for yourselves. Or both- that’s what we did!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


December Weekend

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The three of us spent the weekend house hunting and decking the halls. We looked at several houses, none of which were “the one”. But we did finish getting all the Christmas things up.

Saturday the outdoor lights went up, as well as the tree. Sunday night the Christmas music was turned on, Harry Potter was on the tv, and we put all the ornaments on our tree. Best hot chocolate I’ve ever made was consumed:

                                hot chocolate

Who knew that adding a big spoonful of homemade whipped cream to the top could make a packet of Swiss Miss taste so dang nummy?

Happy Thanksgiving 2008!

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! In keeping with tradition, I would like to share what I am most thankful for this year.

I am most thankful for my ability to BE thankful. I am thankful for all of those times of total contentment when I find myself wanting nothing. The times when I am simply watching my daughter and my husband interact and my heart swells so much it aches. And I know that there is nothing better than being right there in that moment, soaking it all up and filing it away in my memory. A perfect moment.

My life may not be perfect, but so many hours of each day are nearly. And I am thankful that I am just fine with nearly.


Vacation 2008

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Visiting my family in Idaho was absolutely awesome. Who can say that? I just really enjoy Idaho. I just have this feeling there that I can’t describe. Even when we lived there, that feeling was around. Almost a lighter, more casual feeling. I have many good memories of that area. I just wished that Jeremy felt the same- poor guy of course got a cold while we were there and that was compounded by an ear and sinus infection. Hali got a cold as well, so no one slept as well as we wanted to.

Our flights there were a mess. The flight leaving got canceled so we were transfered over to another airline that had our seats all over the place. And they only gave us one boarding pass for the flight after, from Phoenix to Salt Lake City. So that caused us to miss that flight, which meant a two and a half hour layover. Hali was so great about everything, though. Hali’s dad? Not so much. 

Hali is now a pro at the “additional screening” which we had done for both flights there.  She holds her arms out like a pro without even being asked. Then she whips out her Webkinz and pats her down, just like she was just patted down.  You have to watch out for those four-year-olds, you know. Bombs in their shoes 50% of the time. Suprisingly, it’s almost always the left one.

Of course, I can never pass up an opportunity to tease my 25% Lebonese husband when we fly. Especially because of how often we have to do the additional screening. I have my very own redneck, LDS, Lebonese terrorist every time I fly! Yay!

Oh, and the secret thrill I get from being patted down by a woman! Whoohoo! I must say, the woman in Phoenix did a more, urm, thorough job of it than they did here in Texas. She felt up my muffin top and everything.

We saw WALL-E. Well, I took my little brother and daughter while everyone else saw a drunk super-hero. No, not that one, this one. How many super-heroes with drinking problems do we need?

We road the four wheeler up in the foothills, and saw some of the most amazing veiws.

Us girls did a little shopping, followed by a trip up to Ririe Reservoir for some boating in the new boat my parents bought (they recently sold the boat that they bought when I was 6). Here lies my favorite sunglasses.  Dad enjoyed whipping my mom and I around on the double tub a little TOO much. Ouch. I was sore for a few days after that.


It’s pretty incredible to be a boat sitting in the middle of this lake carved into the mountains (foothills?). Makes you feel tiny.

There were late nights on the back porch making s’mores and melted starbursts. Melted starbursts? Yes. That’s what I said. Try it. One of the wonderful things about living in the north versus south is that it cools down quite a bit at night there. As in “grab a hoodie” cool. And we did:


Classy, aren’t I? I thought we were adorable in our matching pink sweatshirts.

The 4th of July was absolutely amazing. People come in to Idaho Falls from all around to see the fireworks display. It is that amazing. A town with 60,000 people gains about 40,000 more every July 4th. AND it’s all timed out to music which everyone tunes their radios into the same station to hear. The show is nearly half and hour long of solid fireworks. And impressive ones at that. I’ve never seen anything like it.


It was wonderful looking around at all the family that had gathered onto my grandparents front yard for the show. Hali had several cousins to play with- some of who’s parents I used to play with every time I visited Idaho growing up and hadn’t seen for 10 years.

The Fourth of July was long and exhausting. We started by watching the parade they do every year downtown. Then hurried home to beautify ourselves for pictures. We finally did it! Professionaly done pictures of my whole family! It’s been a long time since we had any done- most definately not since I started my very own family. After the big group shot was done, Jeremy, Hali and I did some of just us as well. We have never been in- I’ve never even taken Hali in. I’m a bad mom, I know.

Then it was back to the house to change and out to lunch. Back home to pack our bags, as we would be leaving the next morning, then out to my grandparents to await nightfall and the fireworks display. We did a little walking around down by the Snake River. People park RVs and stake out spots days in advance just to ensure that they have a good spot to view the show from. I’ve never really experienced anything like it. Definately a lasting memory that Jeremy and I will always be able to look back on.

Check out my flickr pictures over there on the sidebar to see what else we did! Just click on the pictures and it will take you to flickr where you can see all of them.

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