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Our lovely area of Texas is being hit by a TON of rain- it’s been raining since yesterday afternoon- almost 24 hours now. And it looks like we may be getting some more later today. There are flood warnings and advisories out for my county and several other surrounding counties.

Looks like a day of cleaning (*sigh* if I must) and reading. Maybe even a little craft time. My sewing machine has been feeling lonely lately…

Thankfully, I had an idea that we might be experiencing some rainy days so I ordered Hali and myself several books apiece on amazon.com a week and a half ago. Yay! I love that my girl gets just as excited about new books as I do! So we are both going to be curled up with new books today.


Today is (maybe) THE day

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My bodily functions are out of control. The past couple days I haven’t been able to decide whether I wanted to pee or cry or cough. Seriously. Stress affects me oddly.

The past few months of driving around every weekend, searching, a few arguments, stress, paperwork, saving money, moving money around, and hoping have all come down to today. We are supposed to be closing on our very first house this afternoon!

I am so worried something will happen last minute and it won’t happen- that’s what has been going on ALL week. There were countless issues to sort through with the underwriters. I’m not going to bad mouth anyone, but our loan officer could have been a tadmore prepared and better organized. And by tad I mean a LOT. Hee.

So hopefully, in a few hours, we will be the proud new owners of a beautiful new home! Then I will tell you all about it in mind numbing detail!

Dora the Hitler?

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I’m not sure what exactly the little black squiggly line was supposed to be in Hali’s mind, but I know what it looked like to me… I just could seem to help myself from doing the Nazi salute to the coloring book and cackling like crazy. Poor Hali. She chose to leave the room rather than put up with my odd sense of humor.


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So. Our offer on a totally awesome house? Was accepted. We’re very excited. It’s not a done deal yet, obviously the financing has to be done, but our mortgage broker seems to think it’s all fine. I’m going through the house today to take measurements for curtains and furniture. And to show it off to a friend, of course.

I am just itching to decorate! I do love home decor. And eating. And, well, adult relations which I can now have because the father-in-law is no longer staying with us! So just a really good week all around.

So now the moving house ordeal starts again. I am a professional at this- with eight moves in the seven years that I’ve been married, one would have to be. 

A purging of all unwanted clutter before we move is something that is done every time. I am being particularly picky this time about what little dust collectors I really and truly like and which ones I don’t. Will things like that frame come back in style in a few years? Should I just keep it in a box in storage for a while? I’m questioning myself.

I’ve even packed up a few nic-nacs and such. Hali saw the boxes and was adamant that she start packing up her room. So I let her put her pictures, nic-nacs, etc. in a box. She was quite pleased with herself. I think moving every year or so is just a fact of life for poor Hali, so I feel good about having a more permanent home for our little family soon.

The Oil Ranch

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A few weeks ago we headed out to the Oil Ranch. That place was awesome. We went with a huge group of friends (saved on admission that way, thankyouverymuch). There was so much to do. The kids had such a blast. We were actually experiencing fairly cool weather for mid-October, so we were really soaking up the whole “autumnal” vibe. It really felt like fall. That’s not real common here in Texas.

There is a little train that takes you around part of the ranch:


There was fake machinery to take pictures in front of (heh). Not sure what it is, exactly. An oil pump?


There were pony rides. Hali’s very first. She LOVED it!


And as we were leaving, every kid got to pick out a pumpkin to take home:


There was also a little petting zoo type area with farm animals, you could milk a cow, there was a hay maze, volleyball, playground equipment, and several other things that we just didn’t have time to do. We’ll have to go back next year!


This is… my favorite quote

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“The situations and experiences we face in life reflect what Heavenly Father really knows about us and what we need to make weak things to be made strong.”

That quote is actually hanging on the wall just above my laptop in the office so that I can look up at it often. It gives me a feeling of strength and comfort every time I read it.

Thanks for hosting, Strawberry Kisses and of course Three Buttons for This is..

Advice From Charli #362

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If you get the hick-ups whilst shaving in the shower? Quit shaving. Just step away from the razor and wear pants that day. My *ehem* bikini area will never be the same.

Staying In

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We are one of the lucky few who already have power back on. And I feel guilty about it. I can hear generators roaring away in the neighborhood next to ours. Crowds gather at the gas station every day all day. Many people don’t have water either. And here I am sitting in my home enjoying all the modern conveniences that I normally have.

I haven’t left the house since Monday. I don’t want to fill up my car with gas when there are so many people in line waiting to fill their gas cans up to run their generators. Stations are only letting them fill up one can at a time. Fights have broken out at the local gas station. Police are there to monitor everyone to help insure that they are on their best behavior.

We’re running awfully low on food, so I may have to go down to the closest grocery store today. Hopefully they have more cold foods available. When the hubs went Monday, there weren’t much refrigerated goods to be had. He grabbed milk and meat and that has been what got us through this week so far.

I have plenty of dried goods- cans upon cans and boxes upon boxes of non-perishable items. But a family needs butter. And fresh fruits and vegetables. Oh, and maybe some chicken?

I am becoming more and more impatient for life to return to normal. We had such a great little schedule going. It feels weird being cooped up all week. The house is pretty darn clean, that’s for sure! I’ve been sewing and crafting with Hali. I’m honestly surprised we haven’t gone totally stir crazy. But I suppose we have some practice at staying home all week. I’ve spent some time in the past few years since Hali was born without my own car.

Fall is officially upon us in just a few days. It has taken some restraint for me to not put up all my fall home decor items. Come Monday? I will be showing no such restraint. I LOVE fall. I love it. My favorite season. We have been blessed with a cool front this weeks as well. It is never this cool here in September. It’s amazing. Such a blessing to all those who are still without power.

And that concludes my ramblings for today.

We’re Fine

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I hate to sound like a drama queen, but that was SCARY! Sitting in your house being afraid that your windows are about to shatter or that a tree is going to fall on you is not a fun feeling.

Our area was hit hard, even as far inland as we are. Only a little flooding around creeks and low lying intersections occurred, but we are a heavily wooded area. Which is the main problem around here. Trees are laying on houses. Trees fell on vehicles, smashing them. There are trees laying on power lines, and trees blocking the roads.

Luckily, that is all being cleared away. As soon as it was safe, guys were outside with their chainsaws, cutting up trees so that they could be pulled out of the way. Everyone was out in the street, being more neighborly than they ever had been previously, I’m sure. Everyone came together to help each other out.

We were so blessed. Our home is fine. Our yard is a mess, but it is nothing in comparison to others. The top of one of our pine trees came off and landed in the back yard, several yards from the house.

We drove around the neighborhood the day after the storm and it was devastating to look at. No one around here has ever experienced such a disaster. It’s overwhelming to say the least.

I have so much to say about the hurricane and the effects of it, but Ike was big and took his time, and so shall I. There is a lot to write about.

Maybe Not Spared This Time

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Well, it is looking like we will be hit this time. Ike is headed our way. We aren’t evacuating. We’re staying put. We’re just going to hunker down and weather out the storm. I’ve got plenty of supplies to last us well over a week if needs be. If the power goes out (and it probably will) then we will be heading over to my in-laws who have a generator. We sure need one of those! Ugh. I am just really REALLY not looking forward to this.

We are far enough inland that we should be fine. I doubt we’ll be flooded (much). I think the main concern with us is the wind and the possibility of tornadoes that hurricanes bring. We live in a heavily wooded area, so I hope our tall pine trees stay strong and hold up!

I’m still hoping that we won’t be hit hard and that the power won’t be off for very long. I’m trying to stay positive here and think positive. Hey, there is a good thing about all of this! Jeremy can’t work if there is no power! So we’ll get more time this weekend and next week with him than we would otherwise! Still. Days and days at the in-laws (but with Jeremy), versus normal life where Jeremy works all the time? I’ll take normal life 100% of the time, thanks.

So you may not be hearing from me after tomorrow for a few days. I hope it isn’t the case, but it sure looks like it. I’ll be back as soon as I can be.

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