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– Eeck! I haven’t blogged in forever!

-My washing machine died yesterday. The husband bought the cheapest one he could find at Home Depot and claims I will still get my beautiful shiny new front loader once we are settled in our own home.

– Our home. Our first home that we actually own. We are still looking. Guess what we’re doing Saturday?

– My father-in-law has been staying with us for nearly two weeks now.

– I haven’t gotten any in nearly three weeks. See above.

– The holidays were a wonderful messy blur. Jeremy’s birthday, Thanksgiving, Anniversary, Christmas, New Year’s, and Hali’s birthday all in the space of about six or seven weeks.

– My baby is five. FIVE! I cried in the shower for a while about that one this week when I finally slowed down enough to let it sink in.

– I’ve set a new goal for myself. Just over thirty pounds to lose before June. So far so good this week.

– I’ve quit caffeine. I haven’t had a single soda since Saturday and I feel fine. I bought some caffeine free crap at the store today. We’ll see how that goes…

-Hali and Jeremy have colds/sinus infections. Again. Hali keeps insisting on sharing the love, so I am sure to catch it soon as well.

– I’ve caved and am back on Twitter again. I’ve already quit and deleted one account. We’ll see how this one goes. I think last time I just didn’t want to be bothered finding all my internet pals that were on there to follow, so it wasn’t much fun. Plus lots of spammers. And complainers. Like me. I’m all the complainer I can take, people.

– I finished the Twilight series. It was suprisingly delightful and very addictive. I may go see the movie now that I have read them all.



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In the trunk.  I’ve got it. Always have. Always liked it. Even though my back end is a lot bigger than it once was, I like having a big butt. I have always enjoyed being a curvy girl. Even in my size 5 days, I was draggin’ a wagon.

Which is why I was surprised to realize that after a few months of tai chi/yoga/pilates classes at the local gym, it was getting even bigger. A feat I did not believe to be possible. Yet there it is.

Working out has actually made my butt get bigger. Just my luck. While it is now a more lifted, firmer butt, it is most definitely larger.

So, if any of you find yourselves lacking in that department, I recommend the Body Flow classes at Gold’s Gym.

Charli Needs…

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Found this via Connie and I could not resist:

Google ” (your name) + needs” and list the top ten things that show up:

1. Charli needs a cloak. Well I do like me some Harry Potter…

2. Charli needs all Twilighters. Oddly enough, I literally just finished reading Twilight a couple of hours ago. I am addicted. A little late for the wagon and all, but that’s just fine with me.

3. Charli needs a holiday. Yes please.

4. Charli needs to eat. Well, really I am having the opposite problem- I really need to stop eating so much!

5. Charli needs a home. Why, yes, yes, I do! The home searching is still ongoing.

6. Charli needs to keep up the pace. Well, not today’s pace- that of a drunk snail.

7. Charli needs a mate. Well, the more the merrier!

8. Charli needs to bring that album out. If you have ever heard me sing, you would not agree with that.

9. Charli needs to be a model. Yes, well, I’m trying to be modest here, but I have been compared to the likes of Heidi Klum. If she were seventy pounds heavier. With skin issues. And no tan. And you know, less attractive, and stuff.

10. Charli needs a walk. Yes, that would be benifical, no doubt. See number four.

December Weekend

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The three of us spent the weekend house hunting and decking the halls. We looked at several houses, none of which were “the one”. But we did finish getting all the Christmas things up.

Saturday the outdoor lights went up, as well as the tree. Sunday night the Christmas music was turned on, Harry Potter was on the tv, and we put all the ornaments on our tree. Best hot chocolate I’ve ever made was consumed:

                                hot chocolate

Who knew that adding a big spoonful of homemade whipped cream to the top could make a packet of Swiss Miss taste so dang nummy?

Happy Thanksgiving 2008!

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! In keeping with tradition, I would like to share what I am most thankful for this year.

I am most thankful for my ability to BE thankful. I am thankful for all of those times of total contentment when I find myself wanting nothing. The times when I am simply watching my daughter and my husband interact and my heart swells so much it aches. And I know that there is nothing better than being right there in that moment, soaking it all up and filing it away in my memory. A perfect moment.

My life may not be perfect, but so many hours of each day are nearly. And I am thankful that I am just fine with nearly.


It’s That Time of Year AGAIN

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The ten months have flown by and it is time we considered our housing options again. We told ourselves that after our lease was up at the beginning of the year, we would be buying our first home. Up until now we have always rented.

So we have been home shopping all month. We have put offers in on not one, not two, but THREE homes. Apparently, despite the current market, sellers aren’t willing to go down more than three or four thousand dollars on the price. In one case, the builder wouldn’t even take the asking price.

We are constantly scouring the internet for homes. We drive around looking on the weekends. We’ve looked at between fifteen and twenty homes with our realtor. I’ll be looking at some more this week with the realtor.

Jeremy? Is ready to build. He is convinced that is the only way we can get exactly what we want. He’s probably right. We’ve been looking at fixer-upers so that we can make them into what we want, but even homes that need a good amount of work have ridiculously steep prices attached. We will see.

All of this makes for some stress. Add some changes with Jeremy’s job , and other family issues into the mix and we’ve been a little stressed. Not to mention that someone turned 29 last Thursday and he’s not happy about it!

We work up some excitement over homes as we pour over them on the internet. Then we go look at them, and are seriously disappointed half of the time. I feel like we’ve looked at so many I can’t keep them all straight and need to go look at a few a second time. So that’s what we’re doing.

We started off all enthusiastic. But we’ve wained. The thrill is nearly gone. We’ve gone back and forth. We want a nice home with some upgrades in the neighborhood behind the shop. No, we want land! With a shop! And a pool! Erg.

And now we’ve come up with a completely new plan. We’ll see. I’m just glad it means I won’t be trying to move us days before Christmas! NO thank you.

The Oil Ranch

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A few weeks ago we headed out to the Oil Ranch. That place was awesome. We went with a huge group of friends (saved on admission that way, thankyouverymuch). There was so much to do. The kids had such a blast. We were actually experiencing fairly cool weather for mid-October, so we were really soaking up the whole “autumnal” vibe. It really felt like fall. That’s not real common here in Texas.

There is a little train that takes you around part of the ranch:


There was fake machinery to take pictures in front of (heh). Not sure what it is, exactly. An oil pump?


There were pony rides. Hali’s very first. She LOVED it!


And as we were leaving, every kid got to pick out a pumpkin to take home:


There was also a little petting zoo type area with farm animals, you could milk a cow, there was a hay maze, volleyball, playground equipment, and several other things that we just didn’t have time to do. We’ll have to go back next year!


Firetruck? Hali fears you no longer.

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Every year the library does a “firefighter” theme one week for all the kids. This year they read books about firefighters and then did a related craft.

The past two years, we lived in a larger town and there was a whole shabanga-bang at the larger county library. The firefighters came in with their gear, they talked to the kids about their jobs, fire safety, etc.

The mom’s oogled the firefighters. Seriously. It was so ridiculously obvious it was hilarious.

But each year, no matter which library, we all went outside afterwards to check out the firetruck that the firefighters brought with them. And every year Hali is too afraid/shy to approach the firetruck. The other kids are holding the hose, climbing around in the cab, checking out all the gear, etc. Not Hali. She would scream and cry until I took her back inside.

This year? She’s all grown up! Yay! It took her several minutes to warm up, but when she saw her friend getting in the truck, she decided she’d do it too.



She still wouldn’t look the fireman in the face, but baby steps, people, baby steps! We lucked out- because we were the last to leave (Hali really did take a while to warm up to it all) we watched them pull out of the library parking lot. They turned on the sirens, honked and all that as we stood there. The kids (ok, and their moms) were very excited.

This is… my favorite quote

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“The situations and experiences we face in life reflect what Heavenly Father really knows about us and what we need to make weak things to be made strong.”

That quote is actually hanging on the wall just above my laptop in the office so that I can look up at it often. It gives me a feeling of strength and comfort every time I read it.

Thanks for hosting, Strawberry Kisses and of course Three Buttons for This is..

7 Things and 6th of 6th

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I’ve been tagged a couple of times recently, so here they are in one fatal swoop:

7 Weird/Random Things About Me ( I was tagged by Kalisha and Reneca):

I’ve actually written about some very weird things about me before here. So it wasn’t easy for me to come up with seven more things. But here they are:

1. I like for my cereal to be slightly soggy.

2. I am 5’7 yet I wear a size 6 shoe. Needless to say, my feet are freakishly small.

3. I have a mole on my butt. So does my daughter. So does my mom. So does my grandma. Apparently it’s genetic.

4. My great-grandma will be 91 in a few weeks. Yes, that is right- I have a living GREAT-GRANDMA! That means that Hali has a GREAT-GREAT-GRANDMA! She is the most wonderful lady in the world. I mean it. If we were all a little more like my Great-Grandma Sanders, the world would be a better place. She is an incredible lady- up until a couple of years ago she still mowed her own lawn. She still lives in her own home, though her huge family comes by all the time. She baby sits for her great-grandchildren.

5. I hate green beans. And okra. I hate tomatoes as well, but not tomato products.

6. I’m planning on voting, but not for McCain or Obama.

7. I have an odd fascination with maps and geography. I always have, even as a kid. I think I have passed it down to my daughter, who can spend hours asking me what country it is that she is pointing to.

6th of 6th is a meme where you post the 6th picture of your 6th photo album or something like that, so thanks to Connie, here it is:


It is a picture of Hali blowing out the candles (with my assistance) on her 2nd birthday. This was when we lived in Idaho, so we had my whole family over and they were all forced to endure all that is Dora. We all wore Dora party hats, ate Dora cake off of Dora plates, drank from Dora cups, used Dora napkins, and all of these were placed on a Dora table cloth.

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