Weekend Break

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Substitutes have been called in for the class that Jeremy and I teach every Sunday. People have been informed that we are not going to be around. We will be around. Just not for any one else, if that makes any sense?

This weekend we decided that out poor over tired and over stressed family needs some quality family chill out time. This weekend we aren’t worrying about taking care of anything or anyone but ourselves. Phones will be off tomorrow morning. 

We are going to have a nice leisurely breakfast complete with cinnamon rolls. Then we may even eventually get out of our pajamas and do some shopping. Furniture shopping! With the sales going on this weekend, I can’t resist taking a look. After all, our loan is in underwriting and we are about to be the proud new owners of a much larger house than the one we are currently in. This calls for more furniture! I love furniture.

And let’s not forget that it being Valentine’s Day mean lots of dessert and treat making. I have strawberries for dipping in chocolate at the ready. We may even get ambitious and do some cookies.

This? Is the extent of my plans for this weekend. Doesn’t it sound wonderful?! A weekend of doing NOTHING!

Crafting and sewing sound like welcome activities for Hali and I to do Sunday and I bet a nap will be a necessity for Jeremy!

Here are some crafts from last Valentine’s Day that never got posted:

valentine garland

Valentine’s paper heart garland strung together with a strand of red sequins!

wooden heart cutouts

I believe this was purchased at Hobby Lobby. It’s made of wood which Hali painted red and then we hung it from the light above our breakfast table.

cardboard heart boxes

Heart shaped cardboard boxes that we decorated with paint, glue, glitter, stickers and ribbon. Hali and I both thoroughly enjoyed making these and they really are a great craft for you to do with your kids- everyone can work on their own, they are reasonably cheap and they turn out cute. Fill them up with treats and give them away or keep them for yourselves. Or both- that’s what we did!

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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Despite the weather (it’s been raining every day this week and doesn’t look like that is going to change any time soon) I knew I’d better snap a few pics of completed projects while I remembered. This is Hali’s apron. I just made up a pattern, because I wanted something very simple. Just enough to protect her clothes when she helps me bake or for particularly messy crafts.         


She liked hers so much, I decided to make another for her friend who just turned four yesterday. I had her model it before we headed out to his party:


With my assistance, Hali ironed on some letters to personalize the apron a little as well. This apron is actually made from a dish towel I picked up at Garden Ridge. I just added some matching bright green bias tape (you can’t see it well, but there are a couple rows of bright green stitching in the towel) and flipped up the bottom to make pockets. As this was a gift for a boy, the little princess cat that was embroidered at the bottom of the towel also had to be cut off.

We made and bought a couple other gifts for him as well, I just didn’t manage to get pictures. Maybe next time we are over for a play date.

Random Craftiness #2

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I’m trying to play catch up here and actually post some of the things that I have sewn/crafted lately. So here are a few things:



Crayon roll and little notebook for Hali. Excuse the untrimmed bottom there. This comes in really handy for church, in the car, or visiting relatives. Just do a search for crayon roll and you’ll find plenty of tutorials. Or go to etsy and buy one.  I have plans on making a few more for some younger (and not so young) family members.  Plus a few larger pencil rolls.


A bag for Hali from the same loud material. I machine embroidered the pink felt “H” onto the front pocket, which made from almost coordinating stripped material. I even did a lining for it.

 It’s meant to be her library bag and it goes across her chest like a messenger bag to help make the weight of a couple books easier on her little body. Her “I want to do it” tendencies seem to be getting stronger lately and she really likes doing everything herself. Wonder where she gets this from?

It’s been used a couple times for ballet class, a few times just to tote random stuff in and possibly twice it has been taken to the library.


A new pillow for a chair in the living room.  Really, it’s just a recovered pillow. When we bought our couch a few years ago, it came with these pillows that were in the same material as the couch itself.  Kind of blah and no contrast whatsoever. So I found this sturdy home decor fabric at Hancock’s and thought it was perfect. The couch has a slight green tinge to it and I have a big brown shag rug in the living room as well, so this pillow ties in nicely.

I’ve had it with my sucky camera. I don’t want to sound ungrateful- my mom did the whole Black Friday thing a couple years ago and got it for us for Christmas.  I was so happy! It really was the perfect gift. 

I’m so glad that I have had it these past few years to document my daughter’s life.  Before we got this digital camera, we just didn’t take as many photos as we do now.  But I know I can take better photographs with a better camera.

This, and the husband keeps taking it to work with him, and of COURSE I need it when I discover it’s gone! So, I’ve decided that we (the royal we of course) are getting a new one. One that stays at home. So I can take good, decent, clear and focused photos of our daughter and the stuff we do. Luckily, our anniversary is in less than three weeks, so I guess I know what I’m getting us!

Belated Halloween and Fall Home Decor and Crafts

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I’m sure I got the inspiration for these from some great crafter somewhere, and I am sure they aren’t exactly original, but they sure were fun to make and are super cute. I sprayed some wooden beads (from the craft section of Walmart) black. Then Hali and I bent black pipe cleaners in half and inserted them into the hole. Hali had a blast gluing on googly eyes!

Then we let these cute creepy crawlies infest our house! They really loved the ficus. And the window above the front door- I think they had plans on dropping in on unsuspecting intruders visitors.




I really loved Martha Stewart’s glittered pumpkins. I wanted to make some as soon as I spotted them on marthastewartliving.com and on my next trip in to Michael’s I spotted the little kits. I found some plastic pumpkins there as well.  But I am cheap.  And that price sure seemed awfully high for some glitter (although, yes, it IS really pretty glitter) and glue.  And Michael’s wanted way too much for some plastic pumpkins.

 Thrifty me spotted some glitter glue in gold and copper. I thought “hey, Hali could help me paint it on with some paintbrushes and it would be a fun project for BOTH of us that way!”. So for about two bucks a bottle, I snagged up three bottles of glitter glue. 

On my next trip into Walmart, I spotted some small plastic pumpkins on sale for much less than what Michael’s was asking.  So all told, I think I spent about HALF of what I would have, had I done it Martha’s way.  The outcome, I must say, is just as good and looks great in my entertainment unit:


I did however, purchase some autumnal garland and a grape vine wreath from Michael’s for the mantel and fireplace. I LOVE fall. It is absolutely my favorite season.


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