They Come in Batches

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The past few weeks, it seems as if the stress is just coming in batches.

Family turmoil (not the three of us- other family) that we just can’t seem to avoid despite our wishes.

Some news from a friend that has me worried and heart broken for her. I’m a fixer and I hate it when there isn’t anything that I can do to fix a problem that someone close to me has.

Changes with Jeremy’s job.

The whole home buying process is a big deal for us as well. It’s our first home purchase and it also means we are soon going to be parting with a good chunk of our beloved cash that we have been squirreling away for months. Between a sizable down payment and closing costs, we’re feeling slightly sick to our stomachs about it.

But it does help that we are completely enamoured with our new home. Yes, the house has things here and there that bother us, but most of it is fixable for a relatively low price. So says she who is still waiting to hear back from the inspector.

My excitement over what a fabulous house we’re buying is evenly tempered with my dread. What if the financing doesn’t go through? I can’t believe the debt we’re putting ourselves in! What if something happens and we can’t afford it? So, I promise myself that I won’t get too excited until it is a done deal.

But then I go show the house off to a friend and join her in screaming at how fabulous the house is. It really is an awesome house. I don’t want to sound like a braggart ( I do so detest those people) so I won’t go into detail, but it really is something- especially for a first home.

And for over a week now I seem to be utterly incapable of not thinking about the fact that my baby will be going to school this summer. Kindergarten, folks. All day kindergarten. When I share this with anyone, they usually just raise their eyebrows and suggest that maybe it’s finally time to have another baby. That’s not it. It’s not that I won’t have a baby at home to take care of all day, it’s that Hali, my baby, isn’t going to be home all day. There is a difference. I’ve been fighting off the depression of this for days now.

All this complaining has made me thirsty. Perhaps I can find comfort in my very favorite drink, Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi? No? Oh, that’s right- I’ve quit caffeine. I know, right! Maybe the timing wasn’t the best, but I knew my soda intake was getting ridiculous, so I’ve cut back on the amount quite a bit and have quit drinking caffeinated soda all together. Or, as we here in the south call it, coke. Do I drink Coke? No, but all sodas are referred to as coke down here. Odd, right? That’s one Texas oddity that I do not participate in. I call it soda, thanks. Less confusion that way.



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So. Our offer on a totally awesome house? Was accepted. We’re very excited. It’s not a done deal yet, obviously the financing has to be done, but our mortgage broker seems to think it’s all fine. I’m going through the house today to take measurements for curtains and furniture. And to show it off to a friend, of course.

I am just itching to decorate! I do love home decor. And eating. And, well, adult relations which I can now have because the father-in-law is no longer staying with us! So just a really good week all around.

So now the moving house ordeal starts again. I am a professional at this- with eight moves in the seven years that I’ve been married, one would have to be. 

A purging of all unwanted clutter before we move is something that is done every time. I am being particularly picky this time about what little dust collectors I really and truly like and which ones I don’t. Will things like that frame come back in style in a few years? Should I just keep it in a box in storage for a while? I’m questioning myself.

I’ve even packed up a few nic-nacs and such. Hali saw the boxes and was adamant that she start packing up her room. So I let her put her pictures, nic-nacs, etc. in a box. She was quite pleased with herself. I think moving every year or so is just a fact of life for poor Hali, so I feel good about having a more permanent home for our little family soon.

It’s That Time of Year AGAIN

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The ten months have flown by and it is time we considered our housing options again. We told ourselves that after our lease was up at the beginning of the year, we would be buying our first home. Up until now we have always rented.

So we have been home shopping all month. We have put offers in on not one, not two, but THREE homes. Apparently, despite the current market, sellers aren’t willing to go down more than three or four thousand dollars on the price. In one case, the builder wouldn’t even take the asking price.

We are constantly scouring the internet for homes. We drive around looking on the weekends. We’ve looked at between fifteen and twenty homes with our realtor. I’ll be looking at some more this week with the realtor.

Jeremy? Is ready to build. He is convinced that is the only way we can get exactly what we want. He’s probably right. We’ve been looking at fixer-upers so that we can make them into what we want, but even homes that need a good amount of work have ridiculously steep prices attached. We will see.

All of this makes for some stress. Add some changes with Jeremy’s job , and other family issues into the mix and we’ve been a little stressed. Not to mention that someone turned 29 last Thursday and he’s not happy about it!

We work up some excitement over homes as we pour over them on the internet. Then we go look at them, and are seriously disappointed half of the time. I feel like we’ve looked at so many I can’t keep them all straight and need to go look at a few a second time. So that’s what we’re doing.

We started off all enthusiastic. But we’ve wained. The thrill is nearly gone. We’ve gone back and forth. We want a nice home with some upgrades in the neighborhood behind the shop. No, we want land! With a shop! And a pool! Erg.

And now we’ve come up with a completely new plan. We’ll see. I’m just glad it means I won’t be trying to move us days before Christmas! NO thank you.

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