Swimsuit Realization

February 18, 2009 at 3:39 pm | Posted in complaining, self awareness, The Mundane | 1 Comment
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Our new house (I say that like its ours- it’s still not, we have no closing date yet) has a pool in the back yard. Down here in Texas that is a definite plus. And not that unusual in this area either.

I just realized that when you get in a pool? One generally has a swim suit on. And while I can suck in my gut just as good as the rest of them, I can’t get my thighs sucked in or my arms to quit being so friendly (they wave back).

So I have resorted to bribing myself to get on my treadmill every day. At least one mile a day. Plus my classes at the gym I normally take. How sad is it that I have to bribe myself to consistently work out?

The really sad thing is that after I work out? I feel AWESOME! I mean, I am just one happy camper after I step off that treadmill. Must be due to the chemicals your body releases or something. But the next day I keep putting it off. It’s like there is something in my brain that has equated exercise with unpleasantness and I can’t get around it.

On second thought, it could be that  I am just glad to not be looking at my measurements that I wrote down and put on my treadmill to give me motivation.

As I was critiquing my body ( hey, it’s not the best way to go about things, but it gets you motivated), it got me thinking. What part of my body do I like the most? The least? You hear this question asked all the time. I would say that I like my hair the most and my lower stomach (my mama pooch) the least. Now you.


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