‘Cause Tonight We’re Gonna Party Like We Don’t Have Neighbors…

July 1, 2006 at 5:25 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

   When is the last time you and your family got together over at your mom’s apartment complex parking lot for a little barbecue? What’s that?  Never, you say?  Ya, that’s what I thought.  Me neither.  I especially haven’t partied it up with said family until after eleven o’clock at night.  But if you were my neighbors you would respond to the first question (which you probably didn’t even pick up on the sarcasm in) with “oh, just last night!”

   We live in southeast Texas.  Many of you may be thinking “well, isn’t it like desert in Texas?”.  This is not true in southeast Texas- its more like Louisiana or any other “southern state”.  So when it is nearly 90 degrees at night, I just really don’t have the desire to get together with loved ones (with whom I express my love to by yelling at them A LOT) in a hot parking lot. I certainly don’t want to sit in said parking lot and eat and drink in any of the months between April and October.  Alas, I am a pansy apparently and it is something to enjoy.  Or at least that would be the conclusion one is forced to draw when your neighbors are doing it so gladly on a Friday night.

   My dear wonderful daughter, whom I never desire any time apart from because she is so very perfect and sweet is normally ready for bed a few HOURS BEFORE ELEVEN P.M.!!! Being the Perfect Mother that I am, bed time is so sad for me, as I do not look forward to it more than anything else at all.  Getting her to sleep amidst the yelled conversations going on outside was not easy.  We rented the new Wallace and Gromit movie and it was great.  Unfortunately we had a hard time getting Hali to settle down and watch it in bed with us.  Eventually, right before 10 she did finally doze off. I was surprised because this was probably when our considerate, peaceful, and respectful neighbors were at their most rambunctious.  

   It seems to be some kind of a contest with them- to see who can be the loudest, that is.  The loud volume of their voices astonishes me.  I could easily understand their conversations while inside our apartment with all doors and windows closed.  We are upstairs, BTW, and they were down in the parking lot.  The children, some of them not much older than my daughter, have already caught on and I hear them yelling at each other too.  How do they know when Mom is really mad?  She gets scarily quiet?

   I do not understand our neighbors.  Have they not considered that they may be disturbing the other people who live here?  Do they care?  Is eleven o’clock not really that late to be kept up and I am just whinnying?  We do not live in a large city- less than 50,000 people probably.  Our apartment complex shelters many hurricane victims that have been placed here.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not a fabulous neighbor myself.  I am not all that friendly.  Unless a person is looking my way as I walk by, I don’t say hello or anything.  I let my daughter run and jump during the day (no earlier than 10a.m. and no later than 9p.m.) and I am sure it is unsettling for our neighbors below us (of whom I am talking about, and have previously posted about here, in
Apartment Life).  And I think that they think I keyed their car (I have never keyed a car).

   Oh, and we soooo called the police right after 10 and they never showed, at least not while the neighbors where out there.  I am such a
b@#$%, I know.  And I also don’t know why the blog thingy wants to make that word a link, either.  I tried to redo it, but it just came back up.

   So I am done complaining now, I will post soon about whether or not we managed to make it to the beach this weekend.

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