My Lust For Lists and Books- Combined

November 30, 2006 at 4:48 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

You know how I love lists, ’cause I am weird like that and just love everything to be well thought out, with every detail described and planned?  You know how I love to read until I have a head ache and my eyes feel like they are bagging at the bottoms?  No, you didn’t?  Well, now you do.

Why am a going on about this, you ask?

Well, I have found something.  Something that I have fallen in deep, deep, lust with.  And that thing is…..

Library Thing

Yes.  It. Is. AWESOME!!!

I can put together a whole catalogue of my books.  I had just been thinking to myself how nice it would be if I could put together a list of all the books I own, and all those I have read.  So, while I am sure that Library Thing’s purpose is solely for keeping track of the books you own, I am going to take it further, after I finish inputting all my books, I am going to start listing ones that I have read. 

I think I may be able to get some kind of list from the local library, where Hali and I frequently check out books.  I am crossing my fingers.  We have story time tommorow morning so I will ask then.  Plus, possibly get the library in Idaho Falls where we used to go all the time to send me something, or have my wonderful mom get it for me. 

This all sounds very dull and boring to you, but to me, this is very, very exciting.  I can’t wait to put it all together and then sit back and see all that I have read in the past, say three or four years.  When I finish, I will surely be posting about my boundless joy, as I will undoubtedly be unable to contain myself.

I have just a few on there right now that I could think of off the top of my head.  I am hoping to do some more later this week.  For now, I am going to sit here and contemplate how it is that the high was freaking 80!!! degrees today, and the low a mere 65, and tommorow, after the storm blows in, it will be a high of 64 and I low of 29.  That’s Texas for ya…


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