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Despite the weather (it’s been raining every day this week and doesn’t look like that is going to change any time soon) I knew I’d better snap a few pics of completed projects while I remembered. This is Hali’s apron. I just made up a pattern, because I wanted something very simple. Just enough to protect her clothes when she helps me bake or for particularly messy crafts.         


She liked hers so much, I decided to make another for her friend who just turned four yesterday. I had her model it before we headed out to his party:


With my assistance, Hali ironed on some letters to personalize the apron a little as well. This apron is actually made from a dish towel I picked up at Garden Ridge. I just added some matching bright green bias tape (you can’t see it well, but there are a couple rows of bright green stitching in the towel) and flipped up the bottom to make pockets. As this was a gift for a boy, the little princess cat that was embroidered at the bottom of the towel also had to be cut off.

We made and bought a couple other gifts for him as well, I just didn’t manage to get pictures. Maybe next time we are over for a play date.


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  1. That’s adorable. My kids fight over who gets to wear which apron at our house.

  2. Those are gorgeous! How talented are you!??? I would need a facial apron for my kids – that’s where all the mess goes!

    Have a great day,


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